Yogiji Maharaj Pragatya Parva - 2015, Kuwait

On Date: 15 May 2015
Activity: Festival




Around 65 devotees celebrated with full devotion, the birthday anniversary of Guruhari P.P. Yogiji Maharaj in the presence of elderly devotees/leaders on Friday, the 15th May 2015 in Abu Halifa Building in Gulf Street of Kuwait.

By quoting/describing incidents of life of Guruhari P.P. Yogiji Maharaj, P.B. Prashantbhai established and explained that, He was a real example/ideal of real Dasatva.

While elaborating/explaining Yogiji Maharaj’s sloka “Vanee Amrutthi Bhari……..”P.B. Ashwinbhai said that, this sloka only, perfectly/totally/nicely describes/defines/represents the real life of P.P. Yogiji Maharaj and said that, for lac and lac of devotees, for all/everybody, P.P. Yogiji Maharaj had the same, identical, real love at His heart.

While memorizing the time/moment when, P.B. Mahendrabhai, a lawyer, was with P.P. Yogiji Maharaj, described his own personal experiences with Him and said that, He never made any discrimination at all, whatsoever, among devotees as to their caste or creed, their being wealthy or poor etc. and said that, He always welcomed/received everybody with a sense of seeing present/real God in them/everybody.

In the end, P.B. Gopalbhai, while describing the life work/mission of P.P. Yogiji Maharaj said that, real/actual beginning of weekly sabhas/gatherings of/by youths was started/insisted upon/pressurized by Him only, and, the said work/mission has been carried on/continued totally in its best form by P.P. Hariprasadswamiji till this moment with great zeal by making it His own life slogan which has resulted in creation of lac of youths with rare/highest qualities of honesty and high spirit of spirituality and, for this, P.P. Hariprasadswamiji has devoted His total life towards His devotion for His Guru/the spiritual master, P.P. Yogiji Maharaj.

In this meeting, the respected personalities like Sri Anandbhai Halai (Manager), Sri Jitubhai Thakkar (K.O.C. Co. and a businessman) and Sri Arunbhai Patel (Equeto Co. Engineer) etc. were also present.

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