Atmiya Sparsh - (Swamiji's Vicharan) May - June 2015, UK

On Date: 03 June 2015
Activity: Vicharan (Visit)
Location: UK Locationwise

After finishing His 14 days’ trip to Germany for giving the devotees there, the chance of His darshana, touch and the divine company, Guruhari P.P. Swamiji arrived on Hithro airport in London, U.K. in the evening on 28th May 2015 to give an opportunity of His darshana/sight, touch, company to the devotees there and to make the journey of their atmas/souls speedier. After giving the pleasure of His darshanas to the elderly devotees there for some time in airport’s longue, He left for the place of his stay.

While addressing the sabha/gathering of youths arranged in the premises of Haridham Temple at U.K. on 29/5/15, P. Bhaktiswami talked about the divinity of the land of London’s temple. During his speech, describing P.P. Swamiji’s tour to Berlin and the various incidents related to faith, he explained as to how we should follow/understand P.P. Swamiji and solidify/make firm our own faith/nishtha. This was followed by a welcome to Thakorjee and P.P. Swamiji by presenting to them the garlands and bouquets by the elderly devotees and the youths.

P.P. Swamiji, while blessing, praised the youths attending regularly the weekly youth gatherings as per the instruction from P.P. Yogiji Maharaj, and said that, they were occupying a special place in P. Bappa’s heart. He affirmed that as much we bear/possess/have our faith/nishtha solidified/stable at our heart, so much our soul/atma becomes stronger and we acquire/possess our place/position guaranteed in the heart of our Lord. He, on whom, there is a grace/mercy of God, only his soul/atma is alert/alive and he, whose atma/soul is alive, only he is always found to be conscious/attracted towards satsang and attending sabhas.

To celebrate the completion of a temple there in U.K., as result of P.P. Swamiji’s wish and grace, a program of a small Annakut comprising of nearly 300 food items was organized before Thakorjee on 30/5/15. After P.P. Swamiji’s arrival there, all presented Thal to Thakorjee the Prasad/meals collectively.

This was followed by taking meals together by P.P. Swamiji and all the invited guests and, all the small kids/children were distributed cakes and sweets at the hands of P.P. Swamiji.

P. Suhradswami, on 30/5/15, in the meeting of the family members of satsangi muktas, described in his speech, the life of Guruhari P.P.Swamiji through various small incidents and guided all as to how we all should also get/take the chance/opportunity/benefit of P.P. Swamiji’s divine darshan, service and presence/company. As He pleased His Guru P.P. Yogiji Maharaj by serving Him perfectly, we also should, similarly, now act/work/live as per His guidance/direction/desire/will/plan to please Him in the truest sense by living, keeping our own atma/soul constantly before our eyes.

The devotees working in the different departments of the temple, while garlanding P.P. Swamiji individually, asked for and acquired His blessings to enable them to make/do all their duties, services as per the Vach. Gadh. Madhya. 28 & 41 by always becoming/remaining servant of the servants.

While blessing every atmiya mukta/satsangi in His speech, P.P. Swamiji first praised the Kirtanbhakti and said that, we all should first clearly understand the spirit and the theme of every kirtan and then, if we try to do everything in our life in accordance with it, then, the aim of the journey of our atma/soul becomes clear to us. We should always remember and constantly stick to the aim/theme of Lord Swaminarayan’s bhajan/kirtan “Das Na Das Thaine Vadi ……….” And want/try to always live totally according to its spirit, so that, the benefits of all our good actions do always remain credited to our a/c in God’s books.

A special meeting of all the atmiya kinsmen staying in U.K. was organized on Sunday, the 31st May 2015 in which, around 650 devotees and guests were present. In the beginning of this meeting, Mr. Bobe Blackman (M.P.,Hero Council), who had specially remained present, highly praised the social and the other main special activities of sowing, developing, nourishing and caring the real culture in the people conducted by this temple and by this institution there and presented/offered to P.P. Swamiji a bouquet as a token of this. This was followed by the blessings from P.P. Swamiji.

In the evening on 2/6/15, a program of Kirtan Aradhana was organized at Haridham, U.K., in which, all the members soaked and immersed every participants in the mesmerizing lovely effect of their sweet devotional songs/bhajans. In the end of this meeting, Guruhari P.P. Swamiji gave/provided to all a special food for devotion and left for America from London at 6.00 pm on 3/6/15.

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