Atmiya Sparsh (Saint's Vicharan) - 2015, Halol

On Date: 21 June 2015

As on today, even in 21st century also, the people of remote/backward villages of our country are the victims of blind faith, un-education and hence, are suffering from the clutches/bondages of sexual enjoyment, addictions, lust etc. Totally and purely with clear, selfless and honest intension of making all the possible/all-round efforts to bring about harmless, positive and beneficial changes in the painful/hateful life of these poor villagers in such remote areas, the regional saint leaders P. Acharyaswami and P. Shashwatswami visited in these villages during 18th June 2015 to 21st June 2015 in adverse season/atmosphere to give/reach their Atmiya Touch/Sparsh to those poor villagers by going house to house/cottage to cottage to improve their life in and around Halol and its surrounding villages of Atmiya Pradesh.

Starting from the morning of 18th June 2015 from Ambavadiya Village (Nr. Pavagadh), they first met/went to the residence of one Shri Somabhai Chouhan and advised, encouraged and prompted his grandson to attend to his studies well and to study properly and then, from there, they went to the farm of one Shri Dineshbhai Rathawa in Navagaon where they performed worship of his bore-well and presented a prayer/dhoon to God/Lord/Thakorji so that, he can have good crop. From there, they went to Shri Kanubhai’s residence in Bandheli village and there also they again made prayer so that, his critical financial position may improve and gave him pacification and necessary guidance and returned to the residence of P.B. Gunvantbhai Patel late at night for rest.

On the 2nd day, the 19th June 15, they reached Vankadiya village and met Shri Laxmanbhai, Shri Ishwarbhai and Shri Unnatbhai, the 3 brothers, all of whom are the farmers of a same family doing agriculture work and advised them to maintain peace and cooperation among themselves by explaining the spirit of joint family and the benefits of Atmiyata to them. In the afternoon, they went to Shri Andubhai’s residence in Amblipura village. He is an old addict. The saints advised/asked him to give up his addiction and to live an addiction free life and to do satsang, to live for his family and his children by taking all the necessary and possible care of them. From here, they went to Bhamariya village to meet one, Shri Santokbhai Bariya and met him and his family. He is a mobile van driver but is living his life with full dignity and satisfaction by looking after his entire family satisfactorily even with a small salary, doing so with an intension and spirit of doing seva/services of saints and the temple and simultaneously keeps friendliness with the saints and is regularly doing/attending satsang too. The saints met him and inquired with him about his wellbeing. Shri Viththalbhai Parmar also from the same village is also a good social volunteer. He works day and night without considering of/bothering about or looking at cold, heat or the rain etc. and renders his services to the surrounding needy people. The saints met him and collected information from him about himself and also about the condition/position of the residents around and talked to him about how to bring improvement in these situations. From there, they reached Gambhirpura village where they met Shri Chhotubhai Parmar, a farmer and his son and asked them about their present position and about their maintenance. In the evening, they went to Jambudi village where, they met Shri Gulabsinh Rathawa who is a rickshaw driver and Shri Naginbhai Nayak and inquired them about their children and meeting them personally, advised to study carefully by giving them the proper guidance for the same.

On 20th June 2015, they met the villagers/residents of Kadchhala village and, collecting detailed information about problems/difficulties of their life, they gave/provided to them, the most appropriate/effective and easy solutions to all their questions/requirements and presented a prayer before Thakorji to help them in their life. Here, they also met the sons of the villagers, inquired them of their studies and advised and guided them to do their studies with full concentration to be able to build their own careers for future happy life.

On 21st June 2015, they went to the residence of Shri Jaswntbhai Parmar in Kuvechiya village. From there, they reached Dabhan village and visited Shri Bharatsinh Parmar’s residence and talked to the group of children collected there about relief from addiction and of development of good/pure/real culture through spiritual talks to/with them and encouraged them for better/happier life.

Thus, by doing constant and continuous tour for 4 days, the saints tried their best/everything possible for them to understand and to solve/remove the problems of neglected/backward/retarded villagers by trying to give them their Atmiya Sparsh (Touch).


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Our Aim

O Lord ! Anyone becomes Atmiya or not, Please make me Atmiya !