Atmiya Yuva Mahostav - 2015, Water Supply

On Date: 04 January 2015

The water has been said to be the “Life” because, since early in the morning when we get up till late in the evening when we go to bed, we need water every moment on every step for various of our needs, works and utility and hence, the quantity of water required, remains a question of an imagination only, when lac of people were going to come together to celebrate a gigantic function like the “Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav” for full 4 days. But yet, the saints and the workers/sevaks of Haridham, Sokhada had made a ‘Harakiri’ (total self- sacrifice) with Atmiyata to lay the full drainage lines and provide the required quantity of water over 750 beeghas of land in full for the entire function/celebration to present their Seva-Bhakti.

In the beginning, about 15 volunteers from Rajkot mandal who were experienced in operating the lathe machines and in fabrication works, joined in this seva and started the work day and night and finished the entire work of 3 months within only the 4-5 days. Sahishnu sevak Manubhai and the members of P.B. Nalinbhai’s team took up the works of connecting 4800 taps, fitting the wash basins and the work of gutter line for waste water, supported by the experienced sevaks from Danti Mandal. Because, around as many as 250 to 300 sevaks had joined in the work with unity and full cooperation with real atmiyata, the work was nearly finished before 25th December.

To be able to supply water in such a huge quantity, 5 storage pumps, small lakes, were prepared. Even in 2 overhead tanks also the water was collected. Out of 5, 3 pumps were prepared from plastic clothes in which, as much as 40 lac litres of water was stored from which, the water was provided to the kitchen and to the bathroom units for 24 hours with the help of tractors-pumps at a high pressure.

To supply adequate quantity of water to all the above pumps, the water was poured from 8 tube-wells situated around. On every tube-well and the pump, a team of 5 sevaks was put who constantly monitored the constant supply of water. A temporary wall of thin sheet of metal was made around the stored water to protect it so that nobody could enter therein.

This water was chlorinated so that it remained fresh, clean and insect-free and for this, 25 to 30 members of staff from Guj. Govt. along with their doctors regularly used to check and test the same. Their services do deserve thanks and, as result of this only, there hasn’t been any case of loose motion or vomitting.

The water was supplied for all the 24 hours for 15 days in advance for the preparation of meals daily for 3 times for 1.5 lac attendants/participants in the morning, noon and evening. To wash their hands after the meals for 65,000 people taking meals at a time in the dining tents together, hundreds of wash basins, arrangements for their drinking water, to wash their dishes and for removing the waste water, the gutter lines were also made. To remove the water used for washing very very big utensils used for preparations of meals and 1.5 lac dishes, a very long pipe line of 9,000 ft. with 10” diameter was laid. Also the arrangements were made for the drinking water for more than 1.2 lac young boys and girls sitting in the assembly tent, the plumbing for the water for W.C., for drinking water and the hot water for bath for all those who were provided stay in Sokhada village.

Every bathroom unit was constantly being monitored and a special team was specially kept reserved to watch the entire water pipe line regularly and to immediately repair the same if any leakage or break down if noticed anywhere therein.

25 trucks full of iron plates were brought from different shunting suppliers for bathrooms, preparing places for cleansing the utensils in the kitchen, to store the food items in the kitchen, platforms for standing near the wash basin stands and, to return all these to the said suppliers after the whole function, sorting out our temple’s goods/materials from all these, the volunteers had taken a lot of pain with full care presenting an example of their high and noble/respectful spirit of seva-bhakti as a result of which, the work, which seemed to be extremely difficult/nearly impossible, could be done easily with the grace of God/Maharaj and P.P. Swamiji.

Our only hearty prayer before the God is that, please do make us able to serve always like this only, as per Vach. Gadhada Madhya 28 & 41 with the grace and the strength from Maharaj and P.P. Swamishree.

S>m“¡ Æh“ L$l¡hpdp„ Apìey„ R>¡... L$pfZL¡$ khpf¡ DW$uA¡ Ðepf’u fpÓ¡ k|BA¡ Ðep„ ky^u rh^rh^ âL$pf¡ S>m“u AphíeL$sp v$f¡L$ Æh“¡ ‘X$su lp¡e R>¡ A“¡ S>epf¡ ApÐdue eyhp dlp¡Ðkh“p D‘¾$d¡ gpMp¡ cL$sp¡ A¡L$u kp’¡ 4 qv$hk dpV¡$ c¡Np ’hp“p lp¡e Ðepf¡ s¡d“p dpV¡$ L¡$V$gu b^u rh‘yg S>mfpiu“u AphíeL$sp ‘X¡$ s¡ sp¡ L$ë‘“p“p¡ S> rhje R>¡. dlp¡Ðkh“p¡ ‘f’pfp¡ 750 huOpdp„ ‘’fpe¡gp¡ lsp¡. Dspfp rhcpNdp„ 85000 lÅf eyhL$-eyhsuAp¡“p fl¡W$pZdp„ k„X$pk-bp’ê$d s’p Nfd‘pZu dpV¡$ ‘p„Q rhipm bp’ê $d eyr“V$ ‘f ‘pZu Qpf qv$hk kss ‘lp¢QpX$hy„ A“¡ N„v$p ‘pZu“p¡ r“L$pg L$fhp¡. R> lÅf A¡“.Apf.ApC.“p Dspfp ‘f Qp¡huk L$gpL$ ‘pZu A“¡ NV$f“u ìehõ’p L$fhu. s¡dS> AgN AgN rhcpNp¡dp„ rhrh^ h‘fpi dpV¡$ ‘pZu kàgpe L$fhy„ A“¡ NV$f“u gpC“p¡ ‘lp ¢QpX$hu s’p k¡ÞV$f]N kpdp“ c¡Np¡ L$fhp¡ A¡ A¡L$ ‘X$L$pf kdp“ k¡hp lsu. ‘Z Nyfylqf ‘.‘|. õhpduÆ“p Apiuhp®v$’u ‘|. dp^hrâeõhpdu, ‘|. ky“©sõhpdu“u ApN¡hp“udp„ AgN-AgN d„X$m“p õhe„k¡hL$p¡A¡ lpfpL$ufu L$fu“¡ ApÐduesp’u c¡Np dmu Av¹$c|s k¡hp-c[¼s Av$p L$fu.

Ap k¡hp dpV¡$ iê$Apsdp„ fpS>L$p¡V$ d„X$m“p 15 k¡hL$p¡ L¡$ S>¡Ap¡ a¡b°uL¡$i““p s’p g¡’diu“ Qgphhpdp„ A“ychu lsp s¡Ap¡ Aphu Nep. qv$hk-fps k¡hp Qpgy L$fu, S>¡ L$pe® 3 drl“p Qpg¡ s¡ 4-5 qv$hkdp„ ‘|fy ’C Ney„! krlóÏ k¡hL$ d“ycpC A“¡ ‘.c. “rg“cpC“u V$ud“p dy¼sp¡A¡ 4800 “„N “m gNphhp“y„, b¡Tu““„y auV$]N s’p h¡õV$ ‘pZu“u NV$f gpC““y„ L$pe® Qpgy L$e¯y. v$p„su d„X$m“p k¡hL$p¡ ‘Z ‘p¡sp“p A“ych’u k¡hpdp„ r“rdÑ bÞep„. 25 qX$k¡çbf ‘l¡gp„ gNcN L$pe® ‘|fy„ ’C Ney„. Ap k¡hpdp„ Apif¡ 250-300 Ly$imsp’u k¡hp L$f¡ s¡hp k¡hL$p¡ ApÐduesp’u Afk ‘fk A¡L$ ’B“¡ d„X$u ‘X$ep lsp„.

ApV$gp dp¡V$p S>Õ’pdp„ ‘pZu ‘yfy ‘pX$hp dpV¡$ ‘p„Q õV$p¡f¡S> kç‘ A¡V$g¡ L¡$ “p“p„ smphX$p„ S>¡hp lp¡S> b“ph¡gp s¡dp„ ‘pZu õV$p¡f L$fhpdp„ Aphsy„ D‘fp„s b¡ Ap¡hfl¡X$ V¡$ÞLdp„ ‘Z ‘pZu A¡L$Wy„$ L$fhpdp„ Aphsy„ lsy„. ‘p„Q ‘¥L$u“p ÓZ kç‘ V¡$ç‘ffu àgpõV$uL$“p L$p‘X$dp„’u b“phhpdp„ Apìep lsp, S>¡dp„ 40 gpM guV$f ‘pZu õV$p¡f¡S> L$fhpdp„ Aphs„y. s¡dp„’u V²¡$¼V$f-‘„‘ hX¡$ Qp¡huk L$gpL$ kss ‘pZu, fkp¡X$pdp„ s’p bp’ê$d“p„ ey“uV$ ‘f KQp â¡if’u ‘lp¢QpX$hpdp„ Aphsy„ lsy„.

v$f¡L$ kç‘dp„ ‘pZu“p¡ ‘yfhW$p¡ ‘|fp¡ ‘pX$hp dpV¡$ Sy>v$u-Sy>v$u S>ÁepAp¡ ‘f Aph¡g ApW$ V$éybh¡g ‘f’u ‘pZu “pMhpdp„ Aphsy„. v$f¡L$ V$éybh¡g A“¡ kç‘ ‘f 5-5 k¡hL$p¡“u V$ud fpMhpdp„ Aph¡gu S>¡ kss ‘pZu“p kàgpe“y„ Ýep“ fpMsp, õV$p¡f¡S> ’e¡g ‘pZu“¡ âp¡V¡$¼V$ (kpQhhp) L$fhp kç‘“u Qpf¡ bpSy> ‘sfp“u qv$hpg Ecu L$fhpdp„ Aphu lsu S>¡’u ¼p¡C A„v$f S>C iL¡$ “rl.

‘pZu kç‘dp„ õV$p¡f¡S> L$fhpdp„ Aph¡ s¡ spSy>„ õhÃR> A“¡ S>„sydy¼s fl¡ s¡ dpV¡$ Qp¡huk L$gpL$ ¼gp¡fu“¡i“ L$fhpdp„ Aphs„y. s¡ dpV¡$ NyS>fps kfL$pf“p S>mr“Nd sfa’u X$p¸¼V$fp¡ kp’¡ 25-30 dpZkp¡“p¡ õV$pa d|L$hpdp„ Aph¡gp¡ S>¡ ‘pZu“y„ kss V¡$õV$]N L$fsp “¡ Ýep“ fpMsp... s¡d“u k¡hp“¡ ^Þehpv$ R>¡, S>¡“p amõhê$‘¡ Aphp rhipm kd¥epdp„ A¡L$‘Z TpX$p-DgV$u“p¡ L¡$k bÞep¡ “’u!

fkp¡X$pdp„ khpf-b‘p¡f-kp„S> b“su v$p¡Y$ gpM dpZk“u fkp¡C dpV$¡ kss Qp¡huk L$gpL$ ‘„v$f qv$hk ‘l¡gp’u ‘pZu“p¡ kàgpe Ap‘hpdp„ Apìep¡. cp¡S>“ d„X$‘dp„ A¡L$ukp’¡ kpCW$ lÅf ìe[¼s cp¡S>“ S>d¡ ‘R>u lp’ ^p¡hp“u k¢L$X$p¡ b¡Tu“ A“¡ ‘pZu ‘uhp“u ìehõ’p s’p h¡õV$ ‘pZu“u NV$f gpC“ buR>phhpdp„ Aphu, fkp¡X$p“u rhipm Qp¡L$XuAp¡dp„ dp¡V$p„-dp¡V$p„ s‘¡gp„ “¡ hpkZp¡ s’p cp¡S>“d„X$‘“u Qp¡L$X$udp„ A¡L$u kp’¡ v$p¡Y$ gpM X$ui kpa ’su lp¡e, s¡“p h¡õV$ ‘pZu“p¡ r“L$pg L$fhp dpV¡ 10 IQ“u ‘ “u 9 lÅf aŸV$ gp„bu ‘pC‘p¡ “pMhpdp„ Aphu lsu. kcpd„X$‘dp„„ b¡W¡$gp A¡L$ gpM huk lÅf eyhp-eyhsuAp¡“¡ ‘uhp“p ‘pZu“u ìehõ’p, MpmL|$hp Äep„ lsp Ðep„ àgçb]N L$fhp“u ìehõ’p s’p kp¡MX$p-Npddp„ Dspfp Ap‘¡gp Ðep„ ‘uhp“p ‘pZu A“¡ õ“p“ dpV¡$“p Nfd‘pZu“u ìehõ’p L$fhpdp„ Aphu lsu.

v$f¡L$ kç‘“y„ A“¡ bp’ê$d“p ey“uV$p¡“y„ kss dp¡“uV$f]N L$fhpdp„ Aphsy„ A“¡ A¡L$ V$ud 24 L$gpL$ MX¡$‘N¡ S>¡ S>¡ õ’m¡ “m-‘pC‘ gpC“p¡“u s|V$-aŸV$ ’C lp¡e sp¡ sfs S> fu‘¡f L$fu “pMsp.

õ“p“ L$fhp“u bp’ê$dp¡, fkp¡X$pdp„ hpkZ kpa L$fhp“u Qp¡L$X$uAp¡, fkp¡X$pdp„ ku^y d|L$hp“p õV$p¡f, b¡Tu““p õV¡$ÞX$ ‘pk¡ Ecp fl¡hp àg¡V$apd® dpV¡$ k¡ÞV$f]N“p¡ kpdp“ Sy>v$p-Sy>v$p k¡ÞV$f]N kàgpefp¡ ‘pk¡’u 25 V²$L$ gp¡M„X$“u àg¡V$p¡ gphhpdp„ Aphu. kd¥ep¡ ‘|fp¡ ’ep ‘R>u Ap b^p¡ kpdp“ S>¡-s¡ kàgpefp¡“¡ ‘fs ‘lp ¢QpX$hp“p¡ A“¡ d„qv$f“p¡ kpdp“ afu Np¡X$pD“p¡dp„ ìeh[õ’s fus¡ Np¡W$hhp“u k¡hp ‘yfu L$fhp ky^u õhe„k¡hL$p¡A¡ S>l¡ds D‘pX$u Av¹$c|s k¡hp-cqL$s“y„ v$i®“ L$fpìey. Ai¼e gpNsu k¡hpAp¡ dlpfpS>“¡ õhpdu“u L©$‘p’u i¼e ’C NC.

Ap âdpZ¡ r“f„sf âcy“p “¡ õhpduîu“p„ bm¡, hQ.N.d. 28 “¡ 41 âdpZ¡ k¡hp L$fsp fluA¡ A¡ S> A„sf“u âp’®“p!




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