Saints Care (Saints Vicharan) - Kuwait-2014

On Date: 12 November 2014



The saints, P. Aanandswaroopswami, P. Shrutiprakashswami, P. Ashokbhai (Secretary) and P.B. Chidanandbhai (Valsad) from Haridham had visited and travelled in Kuwait between Wednesday, the 12th Nov 2014 and Friday, the 14th Nov 2014 with pure, noble and selfless intention that, the good culture is developed and preserved among the Indian youths there and to invite them all for the forthcoming Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav in India.

On Wednesday, the 12th Nov 14, there was a weekly gathering of the youths attending it regularly in which 55 youths and the other muktas with good feelings were present who all experienced a unique feeling of peace at their hearts by the darshans of the saints. P.B. Darshanbhai Patel had presented Kirtan-Bhakti in which everybody was immersed in the beginning of the sabha. Then, P. Aanandswaroopswami dipped everybody in the Brahmanand by his speech and, explaining the value and importance of Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav, he invited all to positively attend it. Then, P. Ashokbhai (Secretary) explained the glory of saints and called upon all to develop and solidify their friendliness with them after which, performing the arti before Shree Thakorjee, everybody left for his destination taking the Mahaprasad.

On Thursday, the 13th Nov 14, the saints visited the residents of devotees and those with good feelings and meeting them personally/individually solved their questions/problems by giving them the proper solutions for the same. The saints sprinkled consecrated water, performed arti there and invited them all to attend Amiya Yuva Mahotsav in India in Jan 2015.

On 14/11/14, Friday, a general sabha was arranged between 6.00 pm & 9.00 pm in Abu Halifa, Block No. 1, Nr. Football gr., Opp. Kuwait Magic Mall. In the beginning, to start the sabha, the saints, Ashokbhai (Secretary), Mahendrabhai Patel, Gopalbhai Thakkar, Jitubhai Thakkar, Arunbhai Patel, Anandbhai Halai, Alkeshbhai Vyas, Bhavinbhai Desai and the other muktas lit a lamp.

In today sabha, atmiya kinsmen Sri Shaileshbhai Patel (Pres. Vasana Firm), Dr. Girishbhai (Saba Hosp.) and Anandbhai Halai were present as the chief guests.

In the beginning of the sabha, Darshanbhai Patel, Jitubhai Patel, Jugalbhai Patel, Jigneshbhai Patel Jagdishbhai Patel and Satishbhai Thakor, all enjoyed the Kirtan-Bhakti. Speaking first, P. Shrutiprakashswami said that, as Ramanandswami was accepted by Lord Swaminarayan Himself as His guru, we all must also accept some real/sacred/able/capable saint as guru in our life, who can make our life fulfilled. He also talked of 4 boons given by Lord Swaminarayan as per which, he said , the Lord/God always remains in/manifests through such a real saint. We all are Arjuns and, if we get a real charioteer in our life too, he takes up all the responsibilities of our life on his own shoulder. He also invited all to positively attend the forthcoming Amiya Yuva Mahotsav in India in Jan 2015.

P. Ashokbhai (Secretary) said in his address that, the life is for enjoying it but, we can’t do it as, our pleasure is always temporary and, to get the permanent happiness/pleasure, we are doing this satsang but, without the friendliness/company/shelter of real saints, we can’t get it. So, as directed by Lord Swaminarayan, we should try to be the servant of a servant in the satsang. Whenever we have any problem/difficulty in our life and, if we have the company of a real saint in our life, we can get the solution for it from him. We can develop a positive look/attitude if we have the faith in God and the acceptance of God bearer saints. Thus Ashokbhai talked lot about faith and that the real pleasure is got only by the satsang.

Talking about P.P. Swamiji’s statement “We all are theists and not the atheists”, P. Anandswarupswami said in his speech that, we can’t recognize the real saints but, we all are the most fortunate ones that, we all have got the company of such a really God bearer saint in our life. We may probably find who can protect our body, wealth and mind but, there will be very few and very rare who can protect our soul/atma and, we all have got that real protector of our atma/soul.

In the end, all performed arti before Shree Thakorjee and after taking the darshans of Thakorjee, the saints and taking the mahaprasad, all proceeded to their destinations. Around 150 gent and 60 ladies participated in this meeting.

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