Annakut-2014, Dubai

On Date: 07 November 2014
Activity: Festival

The 21st festival of Annakut (Offering/Presentation of variety of a no. of different food items, vegetables, fruits and drinks etc.) before the God was organized/celebrated by around 300 devotees of U.A.E. mandal (Dubai, Sarjah, Abu Dhabi & Qutar) in Sindhi Ceremony Hall at Dubai with full devotion on Friday, the 7th Nov 2014 between 9.30 am & 12.30 noon in the presence of P. Anandswaroopswami, P. Shrutiprakashswami and P.B. Chidanandbhai.

The president of U.A.E. mandal P.B. Santoshbhai described in his welcome address on this occasion as to how lucky we all were to be able to celebrate this occasion in the presence of these saints and also to listen to their speeches.

The members of the Kirtan mandal presented very nice and devotional kirtans in the beginning of the sabha. P.B. Chidanandbhai, who came with these saints just for this festival all the way from India in spite of his odd conditions just because of P.P. Swamiji’s instruction, gave a very nice and an appealing speech on “The necessity of a Guru in our life”.

Then, describing different related incidents, P. Shrutiprakashswami explained as to what is the value and importance of Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav 2015 in our life.

In the end, P. Anandswaroopswami, narrating related incidents, gave an insight in his speech that, in the entire world, almost 99 % of the people are doing satsang for getting worldly things while, we have to do satsang just and just for the upliftment of our own soul.

In the pre preparation, the ladies of the mandal had prepared nearly more than 450 food items to offer to Shree Thakorji. After the aarti was performed before Shree Thakorji by the invited guests and the saints, everybody took darshan and the mahaprasad before leaving.

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A„sdp„ Ap“„v$õhê$‘õhpduA¡ S>Nsdp„ 99% gp¡L$p¡ kÐk„N Apgp¡L$“p kyM“¡ A’®¡ L$f¡ R>¡ ‘Z Ap‘Z¡ kÐk„N a¼s A“¡ a¼s ‘p¡sp“p ApÐdp dpV¡$ S> L$fhp¡ R>¡... A¡ hps“y„ âk„Np¡ Üpfp k„yv$f hZ®“ L$fu k|T A‘}.

AßL|$V$“u ‘|h®s¥epfudp„ d„X$m“p„ bl¡“p¡A¡ îuW$pL$p¡fÆ“¡ ^fphhp dpV¡$ 450 S>¡V$gu hp“NuAp¡ b“phu lsu. Ap„drÓs dl¡dp“p¡ s¡dS> k„sp¡A¡ îuW$pL$p¡fÆ“u Apfsu L$ep® bpv$ kp¥ c¼sp¡A¡ AßL|$V$“p„ v$i®“ L$fu“¡ dlpâkpv$ N°lZ L$ep®¡.

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