Annakut-2014, Kuwait

On Date: 24 October 2014
Activity: Festival



The Kuwait mandal celebrated their 21st Annakut festival in block No.1 in the basement of bldg. No.24 of Gulfmart Building in Kuwait on Friday, the 24th Oct 2014 in which, 285 different items of food was presented before Shree Thakorji. In this divine Annakut festival, around 425 devotees with their hearts full of devotion had participated.

The sabha started with chanting of slokas/verses and dhoon of Swaminarayan mahamantra followed by reading of Janmangal Namavali. Then, in his address on the beginning of the new year, Sri Gopalbhai Thakkar put a prayer at the lotus feet of Shree Thakorji and Guruhari P.P. Swamiji on behalf of all the devotees to give the required/enough strength to all of them before the year 2015 so that, they could become the das na das (the servant of the servants) and could start living a pure and positive life with Suhradbhav as liked and desired from them by Him (Swamiji) and could thereby please Him (Swamiji).

Prashantbhai also desired blessings from P.P. Swamiji on this occasion on behalf of all the devotees. In the sabha, Darshanbhai – Jugalbhai and Dushyantbhai presented Annakut before Shree Thakorji and sang the Thal. The dignitaries and the devotees present there sang together the aarti 8 times during the sabha. Every devotee experienced a unique pleasure and happiness with this type of darshan. After the sabha, the food - prasad packets were distributed to every devotee.

Due to their atmiyata, Sri Shaileshbhai Patel, Dr. Girishbhai (Hosp. Saba) and Sri Vipulbhai Patel (Sec. Samarpan Inst.) also remained present in the function.

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