Annakut-2014, Asoj

On Date: 28 October 2014
Activity: Festival

A magnificent/gorgeous and beautifully decorative Annakut was arranged before Shree Thakorji in Harismruti Mandir at pilgrimage spot-Asoj (The birth place of present incarnation of God) on auspicious day, Labh Pancham, the 28th Oct 2014 between 9 am & 12 noon jointly in cooperation between the bharwad mandal, the youths & the Ambrish members from Atmiya Pradesh and the bhoolkus from the Bhakti Ashram in which, the arrangement of the food items and the decoration was done by the by the sadhak sisters while the foods were prepared/provided by the bharwad mandal and the youths from the Asoj mandal and Atmiya mandal looked after the services of sabha and serving the food.

The saints managed the stage-sabha. P. Vitthaldas (Fuva) and P. Davesaheb delighted/entertained the attendants very much through their occasional speeches.

Around 3000 devotees took advantage of darshans of this attractive annakut of nearly 500 different food items and all dispersed after taking the Prasad.

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Our Aim

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