Murti Pratistha Mahotsav - 2014 Zarola

On Date: 27 December 2014
Activity: Cultural Care



On 27/12/2014, an auspicious day, P. Shrutiprakashswami had performed a nice group Mahapuja in the newly constructed Harimandir at Zarola (Tal. Borsad, Dist. Anand) on account of installing and putting the life in the portraits of Shree Thakorjee at the holy hands of Guruhari P.P. Swamishree therein in which, the main host P.B. Vinodbhai (U.S.A.) and Nitinbhai Patel and their colleagues who came from abroad and 51 devotees from Gyanyagna Pradesh participated with shodshopchar rituals followed by installing the life in the portraits at the holy hands of Guruhari P.P. Swamishree. This was followed by a religious meeting on this account in which, while speaking, the regional saint P. Shrutiprakashswami and the president of entire satsang family/society Shri Vitthaldas had narrated the importance of making the temples and the benefits of it to the families and the society as a whole and advised all to proceed/progress faster on the path of devotion.

In the end of the sabha, Guruhari P.P. Swamishree explained the importance of the temples in our life and said in His blessing speech that, worshiping God sitting in the temples is our physical/external devotion while, to live life as per Vach. 16 & 18 of Gadh. Chapt. 1st to please/worship the omniscient God sitting in our hearts, and to act in accordance with Vach. 28 & 41 of Central Ch. is our real/internal/minute devotion. We have to make success/glorify our life by living a faithful life in accordance with Vach. 27 & 37 of Gadh. Chapt. 1st and, for such a noble aim, the temples are required. He also invited all to invariably attend the forth coming Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav with their families and friends to take the darshans of all the 5 prominent religious saints/leaders of India there.

By contributing in/working for the establishment of this temple, P. Vitthaldas, P.B. Jayeshbhai Nagarsheth, P.B. Anilbhai Patel and all the other devotees of the village, they all had really pleased P.P. Swamiji from His heart. Even the devotees abroad also had collected the benefit of good deeds in it.

P.B. Sehulbhai had been a participant in the seva of providing meals to all the attending devotees there.

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