Suhradam Murti Pratishtha Mahotsav - 2014, Bakrol

On Date: 28 December 2014



Out of many unique exemplary works that Lord Swaminarayan did in this time of Kalyug after coming to this earth, was of erecting temples which helped all devotees in achieving/experiencing rare and unthinkable worrilessness, fearlessness and everlasting eternal divine peace of mind.

And, Vidhyanagar in Gujarat is, in real sense, an origin, an emerging place of real education for this. And, with an aim and idea of preserving and protecting and developing the real, good and originally valuable Hindu cultural virtues of students coming here, P.P. Swamiji permitted to erect one residential Hostel called “Atmiya Vidhya Dham” (A.V.D.) here at Bakrol and, on a sacred and auspicious day, the 28th Dec 2014, Sunday (Posh Sud Satam), as a result of P.P.Swamiji’s inspiration and blessings, in the vast premises of AVD, Bakrol, Dist. Anand, a grand function of ceremony of infusion of divinity into the idols (Pran Pratistha) in a temple with 3 peaks was celebrated.

Let us enjoy the glimpses of this ceremony.

The ceremony started with spiritual rituals at yagnas at 101 small closets in which 270 couples coming from different countries of the world participated. This was followed by worship by P.P.Swamiji of idols to be placed in the temple. At 4.30 p.m. in the afternoon, after completion of “yagnas”, the process of “Pran Pratistha Celebration” started.

The process of pranpratistha in the idols of Shree Akshar Purushottam Maharaj, Shree Radha Krishna Dev, Shree Ghanashyam Maharaj, Guruvarya Shashtriji Maharaj, Guruvarya Yogiji Maharaj, Present Guruhari P.P.Swamishree and Shree Hanumanji as well as Shree Ganapatiji was done by doing anjan in the eyes of these idols with chanting of vedokta mantras and these were then placed in this 3 peaked temple. This was followed by first arti of all these idols and presentation of first Thal before them.

The celebration gathering was arranged in the vast ground opposite this temple only.

In the beginning of the sabha, P.Tyagvallabhswami , in his speech, explained the auspicious desire of P.P.Swamiji and said that, He desires that every student coming to Vidhyanagar for education and studies should be taught also to lead such a noble and sacred life that his soul always proceeds and progresses slowly towards God and divinity, he really becomes a man and from man, the divine being and ultimately a son of God and, only with this view in mind, this vidhyadham is established with the wish and blessings of P.P.Swamishree.

Then, the third part of book titled “Bhede Sakshi Anantana” depicting the excellent and divine incidents of experiences of devotees where P.P.Swamiji had given divine touch to those who came in His contact and a CD titled “Suhradbhavni Param Seema” containing bhajans which narrated incidents where P.P.Swamiji had done voluntary service with friendliness and love and equanimous divine feelings to his Guru P.P.Yogiji Maharaj when He was in young age as Prabhudas were released.

P.Viththaldas (Fuva) remembered and appreciated the constant and persistent hard work done by Late Chandrakant Bhagat to attract and collect youths at regular meetings of satsangs of as many as 32 hostels. At present about 700 youths have given up their very old bad habits/addictions and have started leading a pure, peaceful and happy life as they are attending weekly satsang sabhas on every Thursdays arranged in this Hall where they get guidance also from saints and leading personalities.

Recalling the youth activities started by P.P.Yogiji Maharaj, Sant Bhagvant P.Jasbhai Saheb said that, the similar identity of P.P.Yogiji Maharaj, P.P.Swamiji has done a very very excellent work by establishing this Atmiya Vidhya Dham here, by studying where, the youths, as result of their friendliness with the saints, will have the quality of good character with education which will inspire them to serve and shine the name s of their families, society and the nation as a whole.

Guruhari P.P.Swamishree in His speech said that, “So long as your five main senses like eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin are not positive, disciplined and controlled, your mind will not become pure and you can’t be able do peaceful Bhajan (concentration) and you have to create positive and good thoughts to live fearless life and to develop real selfless love at heart, the friendliness, the help and the assistance of Saints is inevitable.

We mustn’t let our eyes look at wrong/undesirable objects and we must take proper food and roaming and, there are only Satsang & Bhakti medium for making these five senses of ours positive.

We have to get relieved from circle of life and death and want to enjoy the pleasure of God.

We want to live our life with a heart full of divine pleasure with positive thoughts, true love and light, clear and pleasant heart. We want to attain that stage and live a life dependent only on God by giving all our worries on him.”

After the spiritual assembly around 13000 devotees took Prasad and left place remembering the events of the celebration.



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