Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav - Opening Ceremony

On Date: 31 December 2014


As a result of Guruhari P.P.Swamishree’s desire, a grand and supernatural spiritual opening ceremony of Atmiya Yuva Mahotsava to be celebrated from 31st Dec 2014 to 3rd Jan 2015 was performed/presented at holy place of Haridham on December 31, 2014 in the presence of around one lac devotees, Atmiya kinsmen and special guests.

It was decided in a meeting held in Nov 2013 in the presence of elder saints - P.Premswaroopswami ,P.Santvallabhswami and P.Tyagvallabhswami attended by other saints like P.Shreejicharanswami, P.Sarvanivasswami, P.Sarvatitswami, P.Suyogswami, P.Anandsagarswami, P.Harisharanswami, P.Anandmangalswami etc. that the said of Atmiaya Yuva Mahotsav should be celebrated in such a way that the youths must get something out of it for uplifting their life making it healthier, wealthier and stronger spiritually, mentally, socially and materially and that too also with a rare peace of mind.

Hence, all the saints, after a lot of discussions, exchanges of thoughts and ideas and deep thinking came to a conclusion that a novel type of opening ceremony should be presented which can give a very useful, meaningful and helpful material to youths for their better life and, as decided here, a chain & series of meetings started which required every saint to be present in these meetings at fixed timings and a lot of discussions took place and different ideas were presented about which theme to present.

When, even after holding meetings every day, they could not reach to a particular satisfactory conclusion, they all decided to go to Rajkot on February 26, 2014. Here, while thinking about the theme to be presented first in the opening, Lord Swaminarayan sparkled an idea that a theme named “CREATION OF CHAITANYA MANDIR (Temple)” should be presented because, P. P. Swamishree himself is striving hard since many years to create/establish a temple in the heart of every youth or to transform every youth’s heart into a temple in the real sense of the term.

After this, the language of the theme was to be selected and, this also took lot of discussions at the end of which, it was unanimously decided that Hindi should be the language for the theme as, it is our national language and it is easily understood mostly in every part of our country and majority of youths/people can benefit due to this.Thus, daily discussions of constantly for 12 to 15 hours, a script of about 20 pages was prepared after 10 days.

As there are 5 important steps in the construction of a temple, there are 5 steps/chapters necessary in creation of a spiritual temple also and they are (1) Foundation of self-discipline (Swadharma) (2) Pillars of Service (Seva) (3) Walls of Harmony (Atmiyata) (4) Central Hall of Faith (Nistha - Grabhgruh) and (5) Spire of Servitude (Dasatava Shikhar). Focusing on these, a satisfactory theme was prepared by taking help from preaching of Lord Swaminarayan, Shri Gunatitanand Swami, Shri Shashtriji Maharaj, Shri Yogiji Maharaj and Guruhari Swamishree.

After making a lot of changes and, as a result of desire and blessings of Guruhari P. P. Swamiji, a script of 40 pages could be prepared after constant hard work and exchanges of thoughts and suggestions for nearly 8 long months. And to record this script also it took a time of nearly 1and a half month.

Though the celebration was fast approaching, the saints listened to nearly 3000 music tracks in order to put a beautiful/sweet background music in the script and selected an appropriate one and completed the recording of the script.

While the recording was on, the enthusiastic youths of different groups of Vadodara joined the practice of drama. Though this practice ran daily for 7 to 8 hours in the cold evenings, the youths came for the same directly from their schools, colleges and from their jobs/offices. Sometimes it also so happened that a few youths could not even take their meals and had to join the practice straightaway but their spirit of practice never diminished.

Similarly, around 800 youths from Surat, Navsari, Bharuch, Vadodara and Ahmedabad participated in the practice of dance, dialogues and different departments of opening ceremony under guidance of P.Bhagwatswami & P.Viraktswami.

P.Harisaurabhswami, P.Harisanmukhswami, P.Saralswami, P.Haridarshanswami, P.Santpriyaswami, P.Santcharanswami, P.Sarthakswami, P.Swamiswaroopswami, P.Harichintanswami etc. presented their devotion in the services like erecting a grand stage and recording etc.

Every youth and saint participating in the presentation of unique and unparalleled ceremony of opening had at their heart only a single desire of pleasing Guruhari P. P. Swamishree at any cost and hence, they were giving out their best in every service at every opportunity for the same.

Only 4 days were left before the function and everybody had a hidden fear at heart that least some short coming may be left in the presentation of dialogues, because, both of the main characters, Shri Suryadev (the Sun) and Shri Chandradev (the Moon) were finding it difficult to memorize their dialogues in spite of trying hard constantly for the same. This was reducing their tempo, confidence and spirit. They were worried as to what will happen? But, exactly at such a situation, one fine morning P. P. Swamiji suddenly came on stage to bless them and to remove their tension when all were doing their practice. The saints presented before P. P. Swamishree all their worries. P. P. Swamishree gave a loving smile and said, “Don’t worry, everything will be alright”. And, surprisingly, after that, within a single day, almost more than 70% of the dialogues could be easily memorized by both, the Suryadev and the Chandradev. Both of them were themselves highly surprised as to how could this happen? The things which did not happen even after the hard work of 20 days was done within a single day! But this was merely due to a result of P.P.Swamiji’s blessings and nothing else.

Similarly, in the opening ceremony, the lighting was also an important part. The saints really worked very hard in the nights during 10 p.m. to 5.30 a.m. in the cold and recorded in their machine a very beautiful design of stage lights and, to their utter shock and surprise, exactly on the previous day, i.e. 30th Dec 2014, that machine failed. The work had already consumed very hard work by saints for hours and, now there was no time for repeating that whole exercise. But, still, the saints did not give up and remembering Lord Swaminarayan and P.P.Swamishree they redesigned the sets of lightings and left the rest to God.

And, noticing and appreciating the constant efforts and spirit of all the saints, P. P. Swamishree blessed them and said, ”All the saints are making efforts with a harmony (Atmiyata), even if P.P.Yogiji Maharaj wants to create a hurdle, He won’t do it” and really, it happened like that only. Everybody from lighting department was also surprised and declared that they also could not expect such an excellent result that every design of light setting worked beyond their expectations till end and the entire function was celebrated excellently.

Thus, although every youth and saint had contributed his best in the services of the celebration of the function, it was undoubtedly experienced at every step in every work that it was only and only the blessings of P. P. Swamiji that made everything happen possible and all enjoyed the program of opening ceremony excellently.

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‘f„sy kh£“p A¡L$^pep® Dd„N“¡ hpQp Ap‘sp„ NyfylqfA¡ Aprij Ap‘sp„ L$üy„ L¡$ ""b^p k„sp¡ ApÐduesp’u v$p¡X¡$ R>¡ A¡V$g¡ bp‘pA¡ âk„N Dcp¡ L$fhp¡ lp¡e sp¡e “ L$f¡.'' A“¡ bÞey ‘Z A¡hy„ S>.. gpCV$]Nhpmp cpCAp¡“¡ ‘Z Apòe® ’ey„ L¡$ Ad¡ ^pey¯ “lp¡sy„ A¡V$gu kpfu gpCV$]N’u b^p k¡V$“u X$uTpC“ s¥epf ’C A“¡ dy¿e L$pe®¾$d Av¹$cys fus¡ DS>hpC Nep¡!

Apd Ap¡‘“]N k¡f¡d“udp„ v$f¡L$ k„sp¡ s’p eyhp“p¡A¡ ‘p¡sp’u ’C iL¡$ s¡ b^u S> k¡hp L$fhp lp„ lp„ NX$’g L$fu, ‘f„sy b^u S>ÁepA¡ Nyfylqf“p Apiuhp®v$’u S> L$pe® kam ’ey„ lp¡e s¡hp¡ k¡hp L$fsp klº dy¼sp¡“¡ kQp¡V$ A“ych ’ep¡.. A“¡ klº“¡ Ap¡‘“]N k¡f¡d“u r“lpmu Av¹$cys Ap“„v$ ’ep¡!

Our Aim

O Lord ! Anyone becomes Atmiya or not, Please make me Atmiya !