Samuh Mahapooja, Nadiad (Kanjoda Village)

On Date: 03 August 2014

       Lord Swaminarayan has suggested to all of his devotees to specially perform extra worship (pujan) of God during the 4 months of Monsoon season and accordingly, a program of collectively worshiping Thakorjee was arranged at Patel Wadi, Kanjoda Village (Nadiad) of Gyanyagna Pradesh on Sunday, the 3rd Aug 2014 under the guidance of elderly devotees and other workers and in the presence of local saint leader P.Prabhudarshanswami was arranged to please God and to get His blessings, they worshipped God along with his devotees through Shodshopchar vidhi (process).

     P.Vivekdarshanswami and the elderly devotees performed mahapuja on the main/principal dais while, the other devotees did so on their separate places with total devotion.

   In this Mahapuja, P.Prabhudarshanswami put a special prayer at the lotus feet of Thakorjee and those of P.P.Swamiji so that all the devotees of this mandal can give their best services in the forthcoming Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav by giving up/devoting their everything through body, mind and wealth as their real Gurubhakti to the satisfaction of P.P.Swamiji and can increase their internal Atmiyata constantly with every other devotee member of the mandal and also for giving them the strength, intellect and the understanding.

    The president of Patel Community and Atmiya kinsman Shri Vitthalkaka and all the elderly persons of the village, being very much impressed by the proposal, had arranged for this place of Patel Wadi for the program and also wholeheartedly cooperated in the entire program.

     After the Mahapuaja, all took mahaprasad and dispersed.

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