Shravanmas Sabha - Navsari

On Date: 04 August 2014

        On account of holy month Shravan, more than around 75 elders, ambrish and devotee workers of Navsari City and the surrounding villages took advantage of religious talks by regional saint leader P.Suhradjivanswami in a special meeting arranged on Monday, the 4th, Aug 2014 at Vrindavan Society in Navsari of Dharmabhakti Pradesh.

     In the beginning of the sabha, the Thakorjee and saints present were worshipped by garlands and chanting of mantras which was followed by a speech by P.Suhradswami and, the main points of his speech were as follow:

    He explained the central theme of one of the sadguru P.Gunatitanand Swamiji’s talks namely, “The soul is not purified as much by any efforts as it is purified by talks relating to God” and “These talks are capable of clarifying innumerable doubts and suspicions” and advised to regularly keep reading and think over, as per P.P.Swamiji’s advice, our 3 main religious books namely, Vachanamrut, Swamini Vato and Purushottam Bolya Prite.

    He also asserted that there should be only a single goal/aim in our life, the satisfaction to God from our side and His blessings on us. We have to live for god and not for illusion. And, if we live in this context, we will be able to distinguish between the right and the wrong in our life and habit of choosing/selecting the right will become firm and also said that, we have to live as per approval and like by God and, for this, we have to take His assistance/help/support.

    We have to overcome all the obstacles in our life by living with God’s help. If we live with the help of God, we can change/give up our own nature and if we succeed in doing so, we can please God.

    He said that, when the Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav is approaching very fast, to accelerate our speed also towards God, and, quoting and explaining P.P.Swamiji’s slogan “I like whatever is liked by P.P.Yogiji Maharaj”, he said that, there must be total dependence on God in our life and we should have firm faith in Him so that we can take His help and support in any situation and utilize every second of our life in work of God/His mission.

    At the end of the sabha, all dispersed after taking Prasad.

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