GuruPoornima - 2015, Bilimora (2nd Session)

On Date: 02 August 2015

The festival of Gurupoornima for ladies/sisters of Yogiji Pradesh was celebrated in 2 sessions in Jalaram Temple Hall, at Bilimora on Sunday, the 2nd Aug 2015. In the 2nd session of which, between 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm in the afternoon, around 1000 ladies/sisters of the said region remained present and took advantage of sabha-pujan and of Prasad in the presence of regional saint sisters P. Saujanyaben and P. Saurabhben.

In the beginning of the sabha, the sisters from Kirtan Mandal presented the Welcome Slokas and the devotional songs of Gurubhakti which was followed by the welcome of Shri Thakorji and of the saint sisters with the garlands.

Then, in her occasional speech, P.M. Arpitaben Parmar welcomed the elders by words and described the incidents of the glory of Guru and that of the devotion to a Guru to show/explain as to why we celebrate the festival of Gurupoornima.

P. Sulabhben in her speech said that, among all other relations, the relation between a Guru and his disciple is a super natural one and she explained with the help of a number of many other examples that, a Guru always aims at only one thing as to how to do the welfare of his disciple’s atma/soul and, the disciple also aims at working/living/behaving as per the desires/commands/likings of his Guru.

P. Saurabhben said in her address that, the real sadhana/efforts of a disciple in his life is to find out a real guru because, he only can lead him from darkness in his life to light. After finding such a guru, the real, prime and the only aim of his life should be to live his entire life as per Guru’s desire/command on/with his support only. The guru himself only protects such of his disciples with his own strength/ability/wisdom and guides them in their journey towards God.

The regional saint sister P. Saujanyaben said in her address that, without the grace of God, it is not possible that the desire to live our life as per the wish/desire/commands of our guru develops in us. The unconditional surrender at the feet of Guru is the main and the first duty of every disciple.

Then, all the devotees watched a video clip of P.P. Swamiji’s blessing speech received from foreign specially sent by Him on this occasion and then every participant worshiped the saint sisters with a spirit like worshiping the Guru and felt fulfilled.

Then, all the sisters took Mahaprasad and proceeded to their destinations.


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