GuruPoornima - 2015, Vadodara

On Date: 30 July 2015
Activity: Festival




The sisters/ladies of Bhagatji Pradesh (Vadodara) celebrated the festival of Gurupoornima with the great spirit of devotion on Thursday, the 30th July 2015 between afternoon 3 pm to 7 pm in Kachhiya Patel’s Wadi, Vadodara in the presence of P. Sarveshwarben, and P. Saurabhben, who both came from Bhakti Ashram, Haridham, Sokhada and the elderly sisters of the local region. Around 850 sisters participated in the celebration and took advantage of the said program with worships and Prasad (sacred food).

The sisters/ladies from Vadodara Mandal had made the decoration befitting the forthcoming Guruhari Golden Initiation Festival, the glory of the slogan “Guru: Sakshat Parabrahma” was aptly presented – exhibited. In the beginning of the sabha, the sisters of the mandal had presented the welcome verses and the songs of Gurubhakti (Devotion to spiritual master/teacher/guru) followed by welcoming Shri Thakorji and the saintly sisters by offering them the garlands.

In her occasional speech, P.M. Harshaben beautifully guided as to how we can increase our nishtha (faith) and faithfulness towards Guruhari P.P. Swamiji on our path of spirituality.

Then, while addressing, P.M. Saurabhaben guided as to how we can solidify our nishtha (faith) as per Vachanamrut No. 27 of Gadhada Chapter 1st and our affection towards our Guruhari in the company/shelter/guidance of our parents like bhagavadi P. Premben.

While encouraging the ladies/sisters group from Bhagatji Pradesh, the elderly saint sister P. Sarveshwarben said that, when P.P. Swamiji Has accepted Vadodara as His own, the responsibility of us all increases manifold. She said that, perhaps, it may be easy to devote/scarify everything of our own at the lotus feet our guru but, it is equally difficult to surrender our mind and heart (our intellect and understanding) there. She asked/advised everybody to present a prayer before P.P. Swamiji for giving them the strength for this and to enable all to accept /adopt His liked/loved Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta in the life.

Then, everybody watched a video presentation of P.P. Swamiji’s blessings/speech received from foreign.

The management and the arrangement of the entire program was perfectly done by P. Suyogiben as a part of her devotion.

In the end, everybody performed Gurupujan and then dispersed for their destinations.


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