Samuh Mahapooja, Manjalpur - Vadodara

On Date: 03 August 2014
Activity: Cultural Care

        A program of samuh (collective) mahapuja was arranged on Sunday, the 3rd, Aug 2014 by the devotees of Manjalpur Mandal, Vadodara under the guidance and in the presence of regional saint leader P.Suchetanswami, P.Praneshswami, P.Abhedhswami and P.Sarvdarshanswami and elderly devotees

     The youths had vividly/lively depicted the incident of P.P.Swamiji at Gondli Ghat.

     At the main dais P.Praneshswami and elderly devotees performed Mahapuja and at the other 70 places, the 210 devotees did so.

    During Mahapuja, P.Praneshswami presented, at the lotus feet of Thakorjee and those of P.P.Swamiji, a beautiful prayer to make all the satsangis and the devotees totally happy by their health, wealth, hearts/minds and by souls and to increase their internal atmiyata in the mandal and make them able to please P.P.Swamiji by devoting their everything totally in the services of forthcoming Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav by all their strength, intellect and capacity.

    All could get the benefit of this rare and valuable entire opportunity only due to all the efforts, arrangements and managements done by the youths, the elders and the young workers of the entire mandal. The kinsman Shri Jay Ranchhodji and Shri Chiragbhai Zaveri also remained present to take the benefit of Mahapuja.

     At the end of the sabha, around 600 devotees performed aarti and took Prasad/meals before dispersing.

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