Gurupurnima-2014, Kuwait

On Date: 11 July 2014
Activity: Festival

       The festival of Gurupurnima was celebrated by around 50 devotees at the residence of P.B.Gopalbhai Thakkar in Solameeya, opp. Thakkar Restaurant in Kuwait on Friday, the 11th, July 2014 in the divine presence of Guruhari P.P.Swamishree.

     In the beginning of the sabha, all enjoyed Kirtanbhakti and then, after garlanding the portraits of Thakorjee and P.P.Swamiji, P.B.Prashantbhai Patel chanted a sloka, “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu” and explained the value and importance of Guru (Teacher) in our life and then, presenting/describing the lifestyle of P.P.Swamiji, he said that, due to the undescribable work- efforts and hardship by P.P.Swamiji, thousands of youths have started living an ideal, pious, pure, honest and clean life today by learning lessons of Atmiyata from Him and they are making a journey towards becoming real sons of God. At the instance of P.P.Swamiji, the youths on foreign land also are living their life with total self- discipline, politeness and discretion strictly in accordance with the principles and commands of Vach.No.16 of Gadhada Cha.1 and are spreading the message of selflessness in the society.

     After this, P.B.Gopalbhai in his address said that, he, who leads us from darkness to light, is the real Guru. Today is the day when we should recall the mercy which the God and the God realized saints have showered upon us and to repay this debt by them on us. On account of Gurupurnima he presented a very beautiful prayer, “O’Lord,! O’Swamiji!, please always keep us in your sights. Please save us, protect us and always guide us whenever we go wrong in our life and keep us alert about our aim/goal in life.” As we nominate our children for our properties, we now have to make them our successors of our satsang. Today, what Guruhari P.P.Swamishree has declared, is a war against our nature and our lifestyle to make us Das na Das (Servant of Servants) and the Bhoolku (The innocent child of God) and hence, we should, considering all these, must cooperate with Him in this war and give up all such things and should try to see Him and only Him in all the muktas we meet in satsang.

     In the end, everybody performed pujan of portraits of Thkorjee and of P.P.Swamiji and took Prasad and left the place by remembering the above beautiful prayer.

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