Gurupurnima-2014, West Melbourne

On Date: 06 July 2014

         The festival of Gurupurnima was celebrated at “Iramo Community Centre” Melbourne, Australia on 6th ,July 2014 in the presence of P.Dharmakishorswami (P.Boss swami) and P.Shashwatswami which was attended by at least 150 devotees.

   The sabha started with Kirtanbhakti followed by an occasional address by youth worker P.B.Aalapbhai who narrated his own personal life incidents/experiences to establish the importance and inevitability of the presence of and our contacts with saints thereby glorifying the Gurupurnima Festival.

     This was followed by a video presentation showing the youth activities done by P.P.Swamiji. P.Sashwatswami, talking on Gurupurnima, described as to how a real Guru (Teacher) in our life should be and describing his qualities, he said that, a real and competent Guru should be able to make you happy on both the fronts, the worldly (social) and spiritual. He also said that, P.P.Swamiji has transformed the life of youths and diverted, derected and guided them all on the path of services/devotion to Lord, Guru (Teacher), parents and the nation.

     This was followed by a special speech by P.Dharmakishorswami (P.Boss swami) who said that, a perfect and competent Guru (Teacher) is a key to lock of all problems of this world and that of heaven. As, a teacher is needed in school or college/university, a visionary master is required in our life also, who can make our goal and path clear to us for our spiritual journey and make us totally happy in the real sense. After this, all performed worship to Thakorjee and P.P.Swamiji and dispersed after taking Mahaprasad.

     Then, in his unique special humorous speech, P.Boss swami said that we can’t know how to be happy if we have no guru in our life. The protection and guidance by a real guru in our life is a must if we really want to make our life happy and sweet. He narrated different examples showing that P.P.Swamiji has protected life of many through many different ways and made them realize this and asked all to work and act towards real Gurubhakti and, in the end, invited all for Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav.

     This was followed by aarti to Thakorjee and pujan of saints by all and blessings for Gurupurnima.

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