Kirtan Aaradhana - 2015, Padra

On Date: 21 November 2015


A program of Kirtan-Aradhana was very nicely and excellently organized by all the devotees of very sacred place like that of Gokul, Padra under the guidance of regional saint sister P. Shukmuniben, the president Dhanuben and the leading volunteers Hetalben, Indiraben in Dinesh Hall at Padra village on Saturday, the 21st November 2015 between 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm in the evening.

The elderly sisters like P. Suhradben, P. Sarveshwarben, P. Smitalben, P. Saurabhben, P. Sagarben, P. Saujanyaben and all the sadhvi sisters from Bhakti Ashram, Haridham, Sokhada had also remained present to add to the joy and pleasure and had joined their steps with those of the kirtan aradhana.

In the beginning of the Kirtan Aradhana, all the elderly sisters as well as all the sisters from Bhakti Ashram were welcomed. And then, in the cultural program, the welcome dances on the devotional songs like (1) Gurubhaktidin Manavo Re........., (2) Avani Bole Ambar Bole..... Joi Manav Mandir... were presented followed by the kirtan aradhana by presentation of Dhoon by the Haridas Sangeet Mandal which had absorbed everybody in their rhythm.

On this occasion, P. Suhradben and P. Sahjikben had presented the picture of Guruhari P.P. Swamiji’s efforts, need and toiling for all of us/for our own happiness and pleasure and guided as to how we all can develop Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekata (harmony, wholehearted acceptance and unity) among ourselves and thus presented their services/devotion towards the atma (souls) of all of us.

A group aarti by all together was done before the Thakorji at the end of the kirtan aradhana followed by taking of Prasad by all the devotees present there who then, proceeded to their destinations.

The president of Nagar Palika from BJP, Pratimaben Kalidas Gandhi had also participated in the group aarti along with 1400 ladies from Jambusar and Padra Talukas.

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