Gurupurnima-2014, Kandivali-Mumbai

On Date: 13 July 2014
Activity: Festival
Location: Mumbai Locationwise

        Under the expert guidance of real saint leader P.Haripriyaswami and elders and around 4500 muktas of Ghanshyam Pradesh collectively celebrated the Gurupurnima Festival with a spirit of Atmiyata and enthusiasm in the morning on Sunday, the 13th July 2014 at Bhurabhai Arogya Bhuvan Hall, Kandivali (W).

      To express their devotion towards God realized saint P.P.Hariprasadswami and regional saints, around 4500 devotees of Ghanshyam Pradesh celebrated Gurupurnima under the able guidance of P.Haripriyaswami and elderly leaders like P.B.Sashibhai, P.B.Manibhai, P.B.Khushalmama, P.B.Vinubhai and P.B.Krishnabhai in the morning on Sunday, the 13th July 2014 at Bhurabhai Arogya Bhuvan Hall Kandivali (W).

     The sabha was started with presentation of sweet devotional and touching songs followed by an occasional address from youth leader P.B.Paragbhai Pithwa, who, quoting a sentence from one of P.P.Swamiji’s speeches that “the presence, company, guidance and need of a real saint in our life is innumerably more important than that of oxygen” described the hierarchy of guru-shishya (Teacher-student) and talked in touching words about Guruhari Swamishree Hariprasad’s atmiya touch, selfless love and endless non-stop efforts as a result of which, a society of totally faithful and dutifully living youths is created.

   This was followed by a speech from P.Niranjanswami who stated that, “living life as approved by, liked by, helped/supported by and guided by our real guru like P.P.Swamiji only is the real celebration of Gurupurnima” and presented real examples of youths who are really living their life only and exactly based on these principles and thus, established that, this is possible if and only if there is a pure God realized saint like P.P.Hariprasadswamiji in our life.

     Addressing the sabha, the regional saint leader P.Haripriyaswami quoted that, ”To live life exactly and totally as per the commands and likes of God only, is the real gurupurnima and, the services to Youths is the real Gurubhakti of P.P.Hariprasadswami towards his gure P.P.Yogiji Maharaj” and, to elaborate and explain this, he beautifully and vividly cited real examples of devotion of P.P.Hariprasadswami. On this occasion, kinsman Shri Yogesh Sagarji quoted a stanza by saint Tulsidas and narrating an example from his life, beautifully described the status of real saint.

     Presenting through different cases and examples, P.Harisharanswami convinced all, that, one of the blessings by Lord Swaminarayan is that, “I will always remain present and eternally manifest myself on earth through a real saint immune of fame, gold and woman and their attachment and interest” is clearly seen resembling with and materializing in the life of P.P.Hariprasadswamiji.

     Remaining present in this celebration Atmiya kinsmen like Shri Yogesh Sagar(MLA), Shri Dilipbhai Patel (Corporator & Ex-Mayor), Shri Hireshwar Pimple(Sr. Inspector Of Police) felt very happy to have an opportunity of worshiping the saints and getting their blessings. During his duty of conducting and managing the entire sabha, P.B.Krishnabhai Majithia explained and stressed upon the importance and necessity of Atmiya Yuva Mahotsava in society through a slogan “Khushiyon Ka Utsava—Atmiya Yuva Mahotsava” and cited relevant and befitting and toughing examples to express his Gurubhakti.

      In the end of sabha, all were blessed by P.P.Swamiji through the presentation of a video clip and thus, all felt honored and then, everybody participate in saying Aarti to Thakorjee and P.P.Swamiji and dispersed after taking Mahaprasad.

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