Gurupurnima-2014 , Ghatkopar-Mumbai

On Date: 13 July 2014
Activity: Festival
Location: Mumbai Locationwise

        During 6.00 to 10.00 p.m. on Sunday, the 13th July 2014 around 1700 devotees and muktas participated in the celebration of Gurupurnima Festival in Shivaswami Auditorium Hall, Chembur, Mumbai.

      The sabha started with presentation of devotional songs.

    On this occasion of celebration of Gurupurnima Festival P.Bharatbhai (Powai Temple), P.Mahendrabapu and Shri Nanjibhai Thanawala also remained present and expressed their gurubhakti.

   Local youth leader P.B.Ankitbhai Joshi, Shahishnusevak Shri Nishkambhai,P.Niranjanswami, P.Haripriyaswami and P.Harisharanswami, all beautifully and convincingly explained the real Gurubhakti.

      Citing relevant examples of such Gurubhakti from the life of P.P.Swamiji, P.Bharatbhai and P.Nanjibhai also inspired all to accept the refuge of real and pure saint like P.P.Swamiji narrating and presenting the heart of various incidents of their own life showing the real importance and necessity of such a Guru in our life. This was followed by presentation of blessings to all by P.P.Hariprasadswamiji through a video clip which made everybody very happy who, then, along with saints, presented Aarti to Thakorjee.

       In the end of sabha, all performed pujan to saints present and left after taking Mahaprasad.

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