Gurupurnima-2014, Bhandup-Mumbai

On Date: 12 July 2014
Activity: Festival
Location: Mumbai Locationwise

        Nearly 1100 devotees, muktas and guests celebrated the festival of Gurupurnima between 5.00 to 9.00 hours in the evening on Saturday, the 12th July 2014 in Shree Tarasing Hall at Bhandup (West), Mumabai.

      After the presentation of Kirtan Bhakti, local youth leader Shri Manishbhai Shah, P.Niranjanswami and P.Haripriyaswami very convincingly narrated the value and importance of real saint in everybody’s life followed by an address by P.Harisharanswami who, in his unique style of attractive speech, cited examples/incidents of Gurubhakti and mesmerized all in the glory of Guru.

     Due to their friendliness with the saints, Shri Jayeshbhai Meghani (President-All Maharashtra Human Rights Association) and Tarasing (MLA-BJP) also remained present and on this occasion, they both also made inspirational speeches.

     In the end of sabha, all were blessed by P.P.Hariprasadswamiji through a video clip which made them feel honored and after performing pujan of saints left the sabha afrer taking Mahaprasad.

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