Gurupurnima-2014, Sharjah (Dubai)

On Date: 11 July 2014
Activity: Festival

        The function of the celebration of the “Gurupurnima Festival” was arranged between 4 p.m. & 7p.m. in Dubai at the residence of P.B.Sanmukhbhai on Friday, the 11th, July 2014 in which about 150 muktas-devotees from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah etc. places remained present to participate and take benefit of Satsang.

      Where, after the presentation of Kirtan Bhakti, P.B.Sameerbhai described P.P.Swamiji’s Yug-Karya->Age- Work and expressed his high respect for the same which was followed by worship of “Thakorjee” and P.P.Swamiji and presentation of   garlands to them.
Through real examples, the president of U.A.E. Mandal P.B.Santoshbhai described convincingly as to why a real Guru is required in our life and talked of service to youths and Swadhyay Bhajan as liked, desired from us all and approved by P.P.Swamiji. Shri Jaybhai authentically stated and showed establishing as to how powerful the Mantra->Chanting name of “Swaminarayan” is, describing his own practical life experience. Shri Akshaybhai had arranged through Video Darshan for P.P.Swamiji’s blessings for all present there on this festival of Gurupurnima.

       In the end, all the devotees took benefit of worshiping “Thakiorjee” and P.P.Swamiji’s portraits followed by mahaprasad.

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        "dp“hÆh“dp„ Nyfy“u ip dpV¡$ S>ê$f R>¡?' A¡ A„N¡ ey.A¡.C.d„X$m“p âdyM ‘.c. k„sp¡jcpCA¡ M|b S> kfk âk„Np¡“y„ hZ®“ L$ey¯ A“¡ õhpduÆ“u A“yh©rÑ A¡hu eyhpk¡hp, s’p õhpÝepe-cS>“ A„N¡ Np¡r›$ L$fu. S>ecpCA¡ "õhprd“pfpeZ' dlpd„Ó L¡$hp¡ brmep¡ R>¡? A¡ ‘p¡sp“p Æh“dp„ b“¡gp âk„N Üpfp kdÅìey„. AnecpCA¡ huX$uAp¡ v$i®““p dpÝed’u, õhpduîu“p Nyfy‘|rZ®dp“p Api}hQ““p¡ gpc A‘pìep¡.
         A„sdp„ kp¥ c¼sp¡A¡ îuW$pL$p¡fÆ A“¡ õhpduÆ“u d|rs®“y„ ‘|S>“ L$fu dlpâkpv$“p¡ gpc gu^p¡ !

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