Gurupurnima-2014 - Netrang

On Date: 12 July 2014

      About 6000 devotees from Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Rajpipla and surrounding areas felt proud, honored and graced by performing Gurupujan in the presence of regional saint leader P.Bhaktivallabhswami on the occasion of Gurupurnima and attending sabha and taking Mahaprasad at Bhaktidham Temple at Netrang on 12-7-2014.

      After Kirtan Bhakti, P.B. M.T.Mehta Saheb (Ankleshwar), P.B.Yadav Saheb (Bharuch) and P.B.Nikhilbhai (Ankleshwar) vividly described different incidents from P.P.Swamiji’s life and explained as to how we can please P.P.Swamiji by performing our Gurubhakti i.e. devotion and service to Him.

      On this occasion, the guests like the president of Dediapada Dist.Panchayat Shri Shantilalbhai, Chairman of Irrigation Samitee, Narmada Dist. Shri Shankarbhai Vasava Saheb, Shri Harshitbhai Patel of Bharuch-Zadeshwar and their friends performed Gurupujan by offering garlands to P.Bhaktiswami and other saints.

       P.B.Hemantbhai Vasava also welcomed all the guests by offering garlands and, befitting the occasion, said in his speech, narrating incidents and examples that, to kill and remove the devil of Hath, Man and Irsha (Obstinacy,Ego and envy/jealousy) from our life and to proceed on the path of Bhoolku, we invariably need a supremely capable Guru-> Leader like Guruhari P.P.Swamishree in our life.

       In the end of sabha, P.Bhaktivallabhswami very clearly explained through various examples of P.P.Swamiji’s life as to how, even today, at his such an old age of 81 years, He works hard as a part of his Gurubhakti (Service to Guru) to please His guru P.P.Yogiji Maharaj at all costs with highest enthusiasm and great spirit and, even today also, He firmly believes that there is nothing He can’t do for His Guru to fulfill each one of his expectations.

       The entire sabha was totally controlled and managed by P.B.Hemantbhai Vasava and P.B. JPbhai.

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