Shivji Ki Savari - 2017, Vadodara

On Date: 24 February 2017
Activity: Festival



Like every year, this time also, the big statue of Lord Shiva was taken out in a procession on the holy and sacred day of Mahashivratri, Monday, the 7th March 2016 starting from Ranmukteshwar Mahadev for talk of the town. In this procession of Lord Shiva and the members of His family, different social and religious institutions had also joined with their own separate floats. Around 70 elders, youths and children had also joined the procession in the leadership of saint P. Suchetanswami of Shrihari Ashram.

A procession with the statues of Lord Shiva-Parvati sitting on big Nandi was taken out at 4.00 pm in the afternoon of Shivratri day starting from the Ranmukteshwar Mahadev Temple. This year also, known as Shivji Ki Savari, it was started by the renowned political personalities, the representatives of various religious institutions and the saints-chief of monasteries of the city in which, famous religious, social and educational institutions from the city had joined with their own floats. The players of drums-transas from Puna had specially drawn everybody’s attention while the items presented by the gymnasts from the Laxminath Gymnasium Mandir on the pole had mesmerized everybody.

Among all this, even the float of Shrihari Ashram also had become a cause for attraction of all. Along with the darshans of all, right from Lord Swaminarayan up to evident Guruhari Hariprasadswamiji, two small boys dressed like the saints and worshiping the giant Shivling on the tempo had also made all the spectators emotional. Joining this float, around 60 elders, children and the youths under the guidance of P. Suchetanswami and P. Praneshswami had spread the message of Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta with Atmiyata in the entire Vadodara city.

This procession, Shivji Ki Savari, which continued for nearly 5 hours passing from the main roads of Vadodara city was emotionally watched by the all the public before it got ended at Ranmukteshwar Mahadev Temple again.

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