Atmiya Sparsh (Saint's Vicharan) - Aug 2015, Laljipura

On Date: 23 August 2015

Today, even in the 21st century, the people of interior villages of India are totally out of reach of even their basic needs also as, the fruits of social- economic development/progress have not yet reached up to them so, as a part of their activities to look after them and to help them in joining the main stream of the society, the saints had travelled through these areas to give their warmth and atmiya sparsh to the villagers/residents of these areas.

As a part of their continuous/regular multidimensional social activities, the saints from Shrihari Ashram, Haridham, Sokhada remain in constant touch of backward and neglected people of the society and try their level best to do everything possible to solve their problems/difficulties and, as a part of this, the saints P. Acharyaswami and P. Shashvatswami, the regional saints of Laljipura and its surrounding villages in Atmiya Pradesh had travelled through these areas from 20th to 23rd August 2015.

Reaching Laljipura in the morning on 20/8/2015, the saints had contacted residents staying here in their broken huts/worn and torn house and had got acquainted with their present positions, had developed friendships with their young children and had encouraged them to develop positive attitude in life and to do proper and careful studies inviting them all to attend the sabha next day with their friends.

On the 2nd day, the 21st Aug 15, nearly 25 to 30 youths from very small village of Laljupura had gathered to meet the saints who had talked to them about their wellbeing and, developing friendship with them, they had known about their hobbies and studies and had advised them to keep away from addictions and bad friendships and for doing good/proper studies to be successful in life and being happy after which, the saints also met their parents. The youths also had, on account of these new friendships with saints, promised/undertaken to follow their advices. Thus, spending whole day with these youths, the saints had taught them the lessons of living a successful life and developing the devotion for nation, God and Guru by showing them the real direction/path of life.

On the 3rd day, the saints met the elderly people of the village at a fixed place and, during the dialogue with them, they had advised them to see that their children do their required studies well to keep pace with the present fast running time of this modern age and to keep them away from vices like the lust, addictions and false beliefs and they also had shown their firm determinations to live their life like that.

Thus, in addition to personally visiting 30 houses, the saints had guided the people of this village to follow the right/real/proper path of life for their betterment and prosperity.

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