Paris Vicharan - June 2014

On Date: 25 June 2014

       P.P.Swamiji arrived at “Charles DE Gaulle” airport from Berlin, Germany at 8 p.m. in the evening on 24-6-2014 through Lufthansa Airline’s Flight along with saints and associates.

    The devotees from Paris who were already present at the airport to receive and welcome Thakorjee and P.P.Swamiji, performed worship/pujan of Thakorjee and welcomed P.P.Swamiji by presenting to Him a bouquet and they all presented their prayer before P.P.Swamiji to make them “Das Na Das” (Servant of Servants) as per His vision which pleased P.P.Swamiji very much which was evident from His face.

    From the airport P.P.Swamiji went straight to P.B.Pradhyumanbhai’s place for lunch where, He listened to questions of all the devotees & youths and, as a solutions to them, He asked everybody to resolve to come to Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav of 2015 to be celebrated in India and to attend weekly sabhas regularly without fail as a result of which all their problems and difficulties will be solved and said that, the Maharaj (Lord Swaminarayan) will arrange for all sorts of convenience for them including for their coming to India. After this, He took his lunch.

     On 25-6-2014, P.P.Swamiji went to P.B.Rajeshbhai’s residence for lunch where also, He met all the devotees present there. The younger child of P.B.Narayanbhai, who has not yet completed even 2 years of age, made a devout pranam to P.P.Swamishree and presented his prayer and was blessed by P.P.Swamiji.

     P.P.Swmiji visited P.B.Tusharbhai’s residence and gave darshan to all present there while going to P.B.Hirenbhai’s residence for dinner there. A general meeting was arranged in Paris today, which was attended by 250 invited guests, devotees, youths and those with respect and good feelings for P.P.Swamiji.

    In the beginning of the sabha, the Thakorjee, P.P.Swamiji and the saints were welcomed by presenting garlands to them followed by speeches by P.Bhaktipriyaswami and P.Brahmavihariswami. In the last, P.P.Swamiji blessed all and invited them all to positively come to the Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav. After the darshan and valuable address by P.P.Swamiji, all performed group aarti and took Mahaprasad before leaving for their respectively places.

    On 26-6-2014 P.P.Swamiji went for lunch to the residence of elderly muktaraj P.B.Bakuleshbhai who has totally devoted his everything in the formation and establishment of entire Parish Mandal from the beginning. Here P.P.Swamiji met all who came there for His darshan and blessed them all.

    Taking rest there only, P.P.Swamiji left at 6 p.m. to go to Gare Du Nord Railway Station where a number of devotees were already present for His darshan and here, P.B.Narayanbhai, P.B.Kamleshbhai and a few devotees represented to P.P.Swamiji that the devotees in Paris Mandal were passing through financial crisis and facing difficult time and begged for P.P.Swamiji’s blessings to overcome this and to get out of this.In reply to this, P.P.Swamiji blessed them all that, all their problems will be solved if they daily do bhajans for at least 20 minutes, attend regularly the weekly satsang meetings on every Sundays and donate 20 % or at least 10 % of their regular income to P.P.Thakorjee as instructed in Shikshapatri and, giving pleasure of darshan to them, P.P.Swamiji left for London by Eurostar Railway.

    Thus, P.P.Swamiji gave an invaluable opportunity of everlasting memories to the devotees of Paris Mandal during these 2 days.

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