Satsang Sabha, Mobha Road (Padra)

On Date: 26 May 2014

In ordered that everybody in Satsang family at Akshar Pradesh can easily and with-ought any hurdle do his Sadhana and achieve the state of BHULKU, H.H.P.P. Swamiji had been to Vakad High School, Mobha road on 26/05/2014 to give his kind and divine blessings for mission 2015.

Akshar Pradesh is a combined area of Padara and Jambusar taluka and, as per Swamiji, he had started his movements of Satsang from here.     

The great deal of zeal was put in by all the elderly persons and young devotees (youths) of Mobha Division so that the maximum number of persons from surrounding villages could come in touch with P.P.Swamiji and get benefit and chance of his Darshans, Preachings and Blessings.They all had only one thing in mind of grabing this rare and invaluable opportunity of service to Swamiji and devotees on this occasion.

Local saints P.Shrijivallabh Swami and P.Balmukund Swami had remained at the site for full day only for guiding in arrangements. Since 5 P.M., entire Mobha road was over flooded with cream colour of upper dress of persons coming to site. At 7.30 P.M., after taking dinner, about 17000 persons, ladies, gents and youths had occupied their place in the sabha mandap. The Sabh started after devotional songs.

In the beginning P.Navnitbhai (Chansad) gave his inspirational speech which was followed by valuable guidance by P.Tyagvallabh Swamiji as to how best we can be an instrument in celebration of forthcoming ATMIYA YUVA MAHOTSAV.

After taking very light little dinner at P.B.Chhitubhai’s place P.P.Swamiji came to Sabha where, on stage, he was garlanded with different flowers by representatives of all the different Mandals of surrounding places.

Noticing the presence of youths in such a big number, Swamiji expressed his pleasure. He called upon youths to make positive their eyes, ears and tongue by keeping in touch with good saints and make life a success and gave his divine blessings to all the youths as if this was a training session for discipline and devotion before the actual ATMIYA YUVA MAHOTSAV.

All the members of different Mandals of entire Akshar Pradesh performed their duties as per expectations and felt blessed.

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