Atmiya Parva, Auckland-2014

On Date: 25 May 2014
Activity: Festival

Around 600 persons, including  Elders, Ambrish group, youths and sisters of New Zealand Mandal jointly celebrated 81st birth anniversary of P.P.Hariprasadswamiji between 4p.m. & 7p.m. in the evening on 25th, May 2014 in Gandhi Hall at Auckland.

In the beginning of the sabha, the worship of idols of Thakirjee and of P.P.Swamiji was performed followed by presentation of Kirtanbhakti by P.B.Baldevbhai and P.B.Rameshbhai & group which engrossed all in it.

P.B.Ravibhai Maisuriya vividly and effectively described in English through relevant examples and quoting incidents, the constant and rigorous pains taken by P.P.Swamiji, even at his age of 80 years disregarding his health, in guiding and showing real and proper path of life to youths and for making them aimbound and devotional in the life for which, He does constant journey/vicharan.

The active youth worker P.B.Pramodbhai narrated in his speech about the importance of saint’s presence in every individual’s life and, presenting relevant examples, established that P.P.Swamiji Has performed various roles like those of a father, a mother, a real friend and a real Guru (Teacher) in everybody’s life and thus, has created a vast society of highly cultured Atmiya youths.

In the end, an Atmiya parent like elder devotee leader Mohanbhai thanked all and heartily invited them for Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav of 2015 in India and everybody dispersed after performing aarti and taking Mahaprasad.

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Our Aim

O Lord ! Anyone becomes Atmiya or not, Please make me Atmiya !

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