Guruhari Swamiji's Pragatya Parva - 2016, Dabhoi

On Date: 23 May 2016

Around 1000 devotees of Krishnaji Pradesh had, in the evening, on Monday, the 23rd May 2016, celebrated in Patel Wadi, Shinor Chowkdi, Dabhoi, the birthday of B.S. Swami Shri Yogiji Maharaj and Pragat Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswamiji’s 83rd birth day (23rd May) with great joy and pleasure. Under the guidance of regional saint leader P. Shrijicharanswami the volunteers of the region had fully cooperated with great atmiyata in the beautiful arrangement of the celebration and all the devotees had enjoyed the discourses and the dinner/Prasad without any kind of inconvenience whatsoever.

The devotees from Sangeet Mandal had started the sabha by chanting the welcome slokas and presenting the dhoon-bhajans. By worshiping and garlanding the statues of Shri Thakorji and Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswami, their blessings were obtained. The volunteers of the region had welcomed the saints and the invitee guests present there by garlanding them.

In his usual forceful speech, the regional saint leader P. Shrijicharanswami called upon everybody to totally dedicate themselves in the services and the devotion as per P.P. Swamiji’s command/wish to get – obtain His pleasure/blessings.

Then, during his speech, P. Shashwatswami presented a picture of the Atmiya Society formed, established and developed on this earth as a result of Guruhari P.P. Swamiji’s devout austerity of years by narrating the incidents from the life of a few devotees. He also described the supernatural divinity of P.P. Swamiji noticed and experienced by him when he accompanied Him during His visit and stay on the land of Switzerland by narrating a few real/practical incidents from the life of devotees there. While explaining and teaching the proper/real way of looking at/watching/studying P.P. Swamiji, he had told all that, we are doing so just by looking at His superficial nature and actions while, He is totally above all these. To study and understand His real/original form, he said that, we all have got to be in the regular touch/contact/company of experienced/approved/real Bhagvadis and have to establish and maintain friendliness with at least 2 good/real saints and 4 good/real devotees in our life.

Referring to the completion 50 years to the incident when P.P.Swamiji came to Sokhada for His future permanent stay there, P. Niranjanswami said that, He did so only because He wanted to build/create one more “Anirdesh” in the heart of all of us for his stay in addition to the one in which He stays out side and, there could be absolutely nothing in the entire universe more important or valuable for any one of us. To present and explain the indescribable mercy by P.P. Swamiji on all of us, he recalled a statement once made by Him that, “I give diksha to anybody, whether he is a saint, a shahishnu or a ambrish, only when I love him much more than my own self” and said that, we can understand/realize how much He has been craving to protect our atmas/souls when we think of this. At the same time, he also said that, we should understand that, P.P. Swamiji is happy with/pleased by us if, we continued to feel happy and comfortable and like the company of a Bhagvadi even when he is angry with us and scolds us because, the Bhagvadi is the only ladder for us to go up/make progress on the path of spirituality.

In addition to the saint group who came from Haridham, Sokhada, Shri C.M. Patel (Ex MLA), Shri Ashwinbhai Vakil, Shri V.J. Shah Sir (Corp) and the social and political leaders like Shri Ramnarayanbhai were also present in this sabha.

Nearly 1000 devotees Dabhoi and its surrounding villages like Alhadpura, Mosampura, Vakvana, Dharampuri, Kajapur, Lingshthali, Karvan, Mandada and Simadiya had also come. After the sabha, all took dinner/Prasad before proceeding to their destinations. The youth volunteer had made the occasion a permanent remembrance by joining in all the services thereof united and whole heartedly.

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