Atmiya Parva-2014, Ahmedabad

On Date: 25 May 2014


Because P.P.Swamiji had kindly agreed to attend and remain present at the celebration of 123rd of Swamishree Yogiji Maharaj and his own 81st birth anniversary, ATMIYA PARVA on 25/05/2014 (Gujarati – Vaishakh Vad Barash) respectively at Gujarat University convention hall under the noble guidance of P.Brahmvihari Swamiji and all the elderly Satsangis, all the Ambarish and youths of SUHARAD PRADESH – AHMEDABAD celebrated it in the totally devotional atmosphere there. It was really a special grace of P.P.Swamiji on SUHARAD PRADESH to grant that chance/opportunity to them.

SWAMINARAYAN sect is a sect of totally and purely of service and devotion. And, there should be absolutely nothing which cannot be done, especially when a divine personality like SWAMIJI has been kind enough to us to personally remain present and give us a valuable chance and opportunity of his divine darshan, seva, touch, and blessings. So, P.Brahmvihari Swamiji and other elderly Satsangis had decided to deliver their everything i.e. Mind, Body, Wealth, and Soul for ATMIYA YUVA MAHOTSAV of 2015 at the lotus feet of P.P.SWAMIJI. Due to the presence of other Saints, Sahishnu brothers and dedicated Sadhavi Sisters from haridham, the entire atmosphere had become divine and devotional.

To begin with, Saints of SUHARAD SANGIT MANDAL and P.B.Hashmukhbhai Patadiya immersed everybody present, in the devotional songs after which, the youth of Maninagar had pleased P.P.SWAMIJI by presenting a devotional dance prepared within only 2 days’ time under the able guidance of P.B.Hemantbhai.

P.P.SWAMIJI was garlanded by the representatives of Ahmedabad Nadipar division, Naroda division, Central division and Gandhinagar. P.Tyagvallabh Swamiji had presented his speech on the occasion.

In the end P.P.SWAMIJI  called upon everybody present there to go to internal sacrifice from external sacrifice and live at home and in Mandal with spirit of  “SAMP – SUHRADBHAV  - EKTA ” and said that we have to make our eyes, ears, and tongue really positive in all respect. By the time of celebration function of 2015, THE ATMIYA YUVA MAHOTSAV, we all have to achieve and experience the life of worriless state, only positive thoughts and true love for all. We should never fail by our speech/words.

In His non-stop blissful speech for nearly one hour P.P.SWAMIJI prepared all Satsangis of Ahmedabad to make ATMIYA YUVA MAHOTSAV of 2015 of his own in all its real sense.

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