Atmiya Parva-2014, Mumbai

On Date: 23 May 2014
Activity: Festival
Location: Mumbai Locationwise




The followers and devotee Satsagis of Ghanshyam Pradesh, Mumbai were most fortunate enough to get a rare end golden opportunity to celebrate in Mumbai P.P. Swamiji’s 81st  birth anniversary on 23-05-2014 as per his birthdate which was celebrated at ATMIYADHAM, GOREGAON with great enthusiasm, devotion, cheer and joy under the able guidance of local saints  P. Bhaktiswami, P. Haripriyaswami  and our leaders like Sashikant Vora, Manibhai Haria, Khushal Mama, Jivanlal Tank and Krishna Majithiya in the presence of about 10000 participants.

All took their meals in the evening before the Sabha started and occupied their seats. The members of Atmiya Sangit Mandal presented devotional songs which gripped everybody spellbound.

In the beginning in his dynamic and humorous occasional speech the enthusiastic youth Shri Harshal Gadhiya presented the vivid picture of cultured society of youths created specially by and due to the selfless love and kind blessings of P.P. Swamiji.

This was followed by a speech from sahishnu sevak Shri Nishkambhai who explained the special purpose and aims of lord SWAMINARAYAN’S and P.P. Swamiji’s coming to earth and presented vividly their supremacy and divinity. He also narrated as to how and what kind of society of people has been created in India and outside by P.P. Swamiji in which they, specially the youths, live a clean and pure life without any bad habits or actions.

After this P. Harisharnswami praised highly in his speech the unique blessings given by Lord SWAMINARAYN and our attachment with him. He also explained by presenting different real examples as to how we can receive pious and valuable qualities in our life by attending Satsang gatherings regularly and by remaining in contact with good and real Saints.

P.Bharatbhai of Powai Mandal delighted and pleased all by narrating in his unique humorous speech, the total devotion of P.P. Swamiji for every second in his life. P.B. Hemantbhai, on behalf of all other sevaks of Powai Mandal, presented a prayer prepared specially on this occasion.

P.B. Krishnabhai won the hearts of everybody by masterly conducting the entire program.

P.P. Swamiji delivered his kind blessings to all the present and called upon us to make our eyes, ears and tongue positive by constantly remaining in touch with good, selfless and real Saints who can also teach us how and what to eat, to see, to listen and to speak in their real sense if we really maintain friendliness with them. He also said that discipline of our heart, mind, body and sense is very necessary to speedily progress towards God. He also praised the nobility, simplicity, selfless love and services of our local Saints P. Bhaktiswami and advised  to keep friendliness with him. He did not miss to invite all to come to ATMIYA YUVA MAHOTSAV and to receive blessings of other Saints.

In the end, all performed Aarti towards Lord SWAMINARAYAN and P.P. Swamiji with thousands of lamp.

The big personalities like Shri Sunil Prabhu (Mayor - Mumbai), Shri Bal Singh Rajput (DCP,zone 11), Shri Subhash Desai (MLA – Shiv Sena), Shri Gajanan Kirtikar (MP), Shri Gopal Shetty (MP), Shri Yogesh Sagar (MLA), Shri Dilipbhai Patel, Shri Mukeshbhai Mishtry, Shri Raju Padhye all corporators also remained present during the Sabha.

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Our Aim

O Lord ! Anyone becomes Atmiya or not, Please make me Atmiya !

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