Satsang Sabha - 2017, Wellington, NZ

On Date: 17 February 2017

A satsang sabha was organized in Wellington on Friday, the 17th February 2017 in the presence of P.P. Swamishree and the saints in which, around 125 devotees, gents, ladies and youths, from Wellington and its surrounding towns remained present to take the advantage of darshans, speeches and Prasad.

The sabha was stared with chanting of slokas and presenting devotional songs followed by an address by P.B. Sugneybhai, who came from America, who, citing the related incidents, talked of importance of saints and satsang in our life.

Describing in his special style, the unparalleled mercy by Lord Swaminarayan and Gunatit persons on human beings, P. Harisharanswami explained that, there is nobody as fortunate on this earth as the one, who has got the shelter of present God or of His bearer and said that, when the God Himself Has taken all our responsibilities on His head, it becomes our first and foremost duty to live our life as liked and approved by Him.

While blessing the devotees present there on this occasion, P.P. Hariprasadswamiji appreciated them for doing satsang even while staying on this foreign land said that, so that your children also continue to keep and maintain this heritage, satsang is a must and said that, we wouldn’t be able to collect/earn good actions if our ears, eyes and the tongues don’t act as per the Vach. No. 18 of Gadh. 1st Chap. and we won’t benefit even by doing satsang. Advising all to maintain friendliness with Ashokbhai and P. Shasvatswami He said that, if it is there, we will be able to overcome all the problems of our life easily.

After this, all took meals/Prasad and, remembering the talks, left for their destinations.

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