Darbar & Tildi Hindola-2014, Haridham

On Date: 20 July 2014
Activity: Festival

       The religious festival of Hindola is celebrated every year at holy place Haridham, Sokhada during the entire month from Asadh Vad Beej to Shravan Vad Beej with great devotion and enthusiasm. The Thakorjee (The Lord) is seated in very gorgeously, magnificently and beautifully prepared different swings (Hindolas) and swung by the devotees during the entire month.

    This year also, during the Hindola Utsav being celebrated at holy place Haridham, Sokhada during 14-7-2014 to 12-8-2014 P.Harisanmukhswami, sahishnusevak Shri Pramanikbhai and the workers of Manekpur Mandal have jointly prepared with full devotion the “Hindola”, a swing, made/created with the help of Thermocol and the beautiful different flowers and an another “Hindola” representing monogram of Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav and made from shining tablets simply at a darshan of which, everybody gets absorbed in it and celebrates the Hindola festival by presenting his prayer before the God.

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        Ap hj£ ‘Z sp.14-07-2014 (AjpY$ hv$ buS>) ’u 12-08-2014 (îphZ hv$ buS>) v$fçep“ DS>hpC fl¡g tlX$p¡mpÐkhdp„ ’dp£L$p¡g A“¡ kyip¡rcs aºgp¡“p¡ D‘ep¡N L$fu "v$fbpfu tlX$p¡mp¡¡' A“¡ ApÐdue eyhp dlp¡Ðkh“p dp¡“p¡N°pd’u kyip¡rcs "V$ugX$u'“p¡ tlX$p¡mp¡ ‘|. lqfkÞdyMõhpdu, krlóÏ k¡hL$ âdprZL$cpC A“¡ dpZ¡L$‘yf d„X$m“p k¡hL$p¡A¡ c¡Np dmu c[¼scph‘|h®L$ s¥epf L$ep£. kh£ v$i®“p’} c¼sp¡ tlX$p¡mp“p v$i®“ L$fu c[¼sdp„ ge ’C S>C v$i®“-âp’®“p L$fu“¡ tlX$p¡mp DÐkh“¡ d“ph¡ R>¡.



Our Aim

O Lord ! Anyone becomes Atmiya or not, Please make me Atmiya !

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