Rudraksha Hindola-2014, Haridham

On Date: 14 July 2014
Activity: Festival

Traditionally every year, a festival of Swing (Hindola) is celebrated at a place of pilgrimage, Haridham, Sokhada Temple, Vadodara during Asadh Vad Beej to Shravan Vad Beej ( 2nd day of 2nd fortnight of Asadh month to 2nd day of 2nd fortnight of Shravan month as per Indian Gujarati Calendar ) with great enthusiasm and devotion. During this entire one month of religious festival, The Thakorjee is swung daily by the devotees in an artistically prepared very beautiful swings.

      A small fruit called “Rudraksha”, the tree on which it grows is also called by the same name and, which has got a strong, long and deep relation with Indian culture, and this rudraksha is prominently use in religious rituals like service, worship and chanting names of God etc. and specially, all the devotees of Lord Shiva worship this rudraksha with great faith and prepare mala (Rosary) from this for wearing in and while chanting the God’s name also.

Like every year, this year also, the festival of Swing is being celebrated at Haridham during 14-7-2014 to 12-8-2014 during which, on the very first day, the swing was very beautifully, attractively and excellently decorated using more than about 7500 such small rudrakshas and about 500 artistic balls by P. Harisanmukhswami, P.Pramanikbhai, Dineshbhai Mistry, Fatehsinhbhai Painter and members of Manekpur Mandal together by working hard with devotion for 10 days.

        All the visiting devotees very highly appreciated this amazingly decorated “Hindola” (Swing) and devotionally took darshans and presented their prayers and celebrated this festival. The Hindola has become a center of attraction for all and serves as useful food for their Mind, Body and Soul.

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Rudraksha Hindola - 2014, Haridham - Sokhada

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