Hari Jayanti - 2016, Houston, USA

On Date: 24 April 2016

The birth days of Lord Shri Ram and Lord Shri Swaminarayan were celebrated together with pomp, glad and joy by the devotees, around 175 gents, ladies and the youths, collectively on Sunday, the 24th April 2016 at Huston, U.S.A. in Jash Hall of North Huston with their hearts full of Atmiyata and had enjoyed the festival.

As per Indian Religion and Calendar, the day of Chaitra Sud Navmi denotes the birth day of Lord Shri Ram and, on the same day, 236 years back from today, the Lord of Lords, God Shri Swaminarayan also had chosen this land as the place for His Age-Work and hence, this day bears an extraordinary value & importance in the history of the world. To welcome and celebrate this day, the devotees from Huston had collectively organized KIrtan-Aradhana and a meeting on this day.

The youths had very nicely decorated Shri Thakorji and placed distinctly along with the extraordinarily decorated image of Guruhari SwamiShri.

The program of celebrating the birthday of Lord Shri Swaminarayan was started with chanting of welcome slokas and dhoon-bhajans. The devotees from Sangeet Mandal (Music Group) had dipped all in devotion by presenting a series of the devotional songs one by one, prepared by the saints Nand Group in the time of Lord Swaminarayan and addressed to and prepared specially for Him only.

Then, while describing the life-work of Lord Shri Swaminarayan, P.B. Parambhai said that, the 4 unmatched and eternally unprecedented boons gifted to His devotees by Him only is the best proof of His Supremacy and, by giving a call/promise to all of us, His real devotees, of always “Yavatchndradivakarau” remaining present with us on this earth in one form or the other through some holy/pure/god-realized saint, He Has made us all the “Sanath” protected forever. Today, when the same spirit of that original Lord Swaminarayan is providing us all those pleasures/happiness of Him through Guruhari SwamiShri, it becomes the first and foremost sacred duty/responsibility of us all to properly serve and thereby to try to understand Him. He also said that, P.P. Swamiji is so kind and merciful that, if we honestly/sincerely put our prayer at his lotus feet, He will surely gift us/materialize/develop that Atmiyata, about which He talks, in our life also and remove Hath, Man and Irshya (obstinacy, ego and envy) from us. Today, he made a prayer and begged on behalf all, the required strength and understanding to be able to please P.P. Swamiji by living life as per His wish and desire.

Then, the birthday of Lord Swaminarayan was celebrated. Everybody had welcomed the birth of child Ghanashyam by singing the songs of birth of child Ghanashyam. Then, the elderly devotees from the mandal and the guests had jointly performed the arti before Shri Thakorji and presented the word-flowers.

At the end of the sabha, everybody had enjoyed the meals-prasad. Every member of the Huston Mandal, old or young, had equally shared all the responsibilities of entire function with the spirit of one mind-one heart and presented a real picture of their mutual atmiyata and had thus, pleased P.P.Swamiji.

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