Hari Jayanti & Ram Navmi, Haridham-2014

On Date: 08 April 2014

To participate in celebration of a trio auspicious religious functions like Ram Navmi, the birthday of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram, 234th birth anniversary of Purna Purushottam Bhagvan shri Swaminarayan and 34th anniversary of Pattotsav of Haridham temple, nearly 10,000 devotees had gathered at Haridham temple on 8/4/2014 with great enthusiasm.

On this holy occasion, after Shrungar Aarti of Shri Thakorji, a Mahapooja was arranged in front of every dome of each idols on account of anniversary of Pattotsav of temple and it started with chanting of shloks (verses – stanzas) of morning Mahapooja. A bath with water mixed with saffron – sandal wood and Panchamrut was offered to small Thakorji by elderly saints and the guest dignitaries.

The Poojaris (worshiper - saints) had made a very splendid decoration in front of idols under central dome depicting the universe of day on which Lord Swaminarayan descended/came to this earth.

P.P.Swamiji offered bath with water mixed with saffron, sandal wood and Panchamrut to idols of Shriji Maharaj and Shri Gunatitanand Swamiji in the central dome and after that, all the elderly saints, other elderly bhaktas and guests also got an opportunity of offering bath to Shri Thakorji with sandal wood mixed with water in the central dome. 

After this, a sabha (an assembly) was arranged in the Ambrish hall which was splendidly decorated by saints from the decoration department where P. Brahmvihariswami and P. Gungrahakswami addressed all occasionally by highly praising the obligation of Shri Ramchandraji and that of Shriji Maharaj on all of us, for their coming among us on earth and presented examples of life of a few devotees who live their lieves according to approval and acceptance by P.P. Swamij.

Guruhari Shri Swamiji, addressing the audience, said that when young, He was repeatedly reading Ramayan and never read anything except the religious books and He liked the unique and rare qualities of Shri Ramchandraji who looked gentle and quiet with great personality. He had a very unique nature of doing good to even His own enemies whoever surrendered to Him, He talked sweetly to all, He travelled for uplifting His worshipers.

Akshardham can be achieved through three things, the God Himself, His disciples and their service and bhaktas. The more we do God’s disciples’ – bhaktos’ service, the more we will understand and realize their greatness and more we will be humble before them. Service to them only is our Sadhana.

To teach us to remove our emotions of attachments with our near and dear ones Lord Swaminarayan brought to earth with Him Shri Gunatitanand Swami, an identity of service, who behaved like zero before everybody, he bowed even to youngest saint like a sevak and servant.

Talking of entirely different, unique and heavenly habits of taking everything positively by P.P. yogiji Maharaj He cited an example of His life that, once when they all were passing through a street in Mojidad village, a big buffalo pointed it’s horns to them to hit when they all got frightened but P.P. Yogijimaharaj said, “ It was saluting us. ” What a noble way of looking at and taking every incident positively ! P.P. Swamiji said, as more and more we follow the principles of “SAMP – SUHARADBHAV - EKTA ” closer and closer we shall be to P.P. Yogijimaharaj and this will result – end up in a position of Aanand à Pleasure, Happiness for us.

After the meeting, everybody was served tasty buttermilk which they enjoyed with the memories of devout austerity of Shri Hari while He travelled through deep jungles.  

In the evening a program of Kirtan – Bhajan was arranged in Ambrish hall in the presence of P.P. Swamiji where saints from Suharad Sangeet Mandal presented sweet devotional songs and delighted everybody present there.

P. Tyagvallabh swami narrated divine and devotional activities of Shriji Maharaj and those of P.P. Swamiji.

P. Kothari swamiji requested P.P. Swamiji for his blessings which Swamiji gave during his 2nd speech of 20 minutes again.

P.P. Swamiji, elderly saints and guests presented Aarti before Thakorji and swung  Shri Hari in the cradle before leaving with Prasad of Panchajiri.

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