Gurupoornima - 2016, Haridham

On Date: 19 July 2016

After a gap of long 14 years, all the saints, the sadhaks, sadhavi sisters of Haridham and importantly, all the devotees right from children to the old ones from Bharuch to Ahmedabad area were fortunate enough this year to celebrate their yearly festival of Gurupurnima in the presence of evident presence of Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswamiji on Tuesday, the 19th July 2016 in which, around 35,000 devotees including the socio-political leaders from Vadodara and its surrounding cities also remained present even in the rainy climate and enjoyed the benefit of Shree Thakorjee’s and Guruhari P.P. Swamishree’s darshans, divine speech and the Prasad.

Incidentally, because of His overlapping programs of religious tours, P.P. Swamiji used to be abroad since last so many years during gurupurnima but, because of His devotees’ good luck, He was in India only, this time, so, the gents, ladies and the youths had come to Haridham in very big number to get the benefit of His darshans and sermon/speech as well as the Prasad also.

In the beginning of the sabha at 9.30 am in the morning, the saints from Suhrad Sangeet Mandal had filled the entire surrounding atmosphere with devotional spirit by presenting the devotional songs full of glory of and devotion towards Guru which had made every attendant present there to move with them when Guruhari P.P. Swamiji entered the place with Shree Thakorjee and were welcomed by the audience with very loud clapping and sky-piercing jayghose.

Speaking first on this occasion, the youth volunteer from Sarbhan, P.B. Milindbhai, in his spirited address, explained the glory of guru and also how to please him and said that, at present, Guruhari Swamishree desires to establish cultural centers at every region, to expand youth activities to develop good cultures in them so, more we work in this direction, more shall we be able to please Him.

Speaking next, P. Sarvamangalswami, citing an example of GPS System said that, if we attach more than one navigator devices in our vehicle and follow them all together, we are bound to go astray....... similarly, if we try to follow our mind, intellect, invisible minute body and the atma/soul all together, we also are bound to be driven away from our real goal. We are celebrating this festival of Gurupurnima today, so that we can live our life as per the desire of our Guru and looking constantly at His commands, we can continue our journey/progress towards God. Explaining the real spirituality, he said that, actually, our devotion should be towards the devotees of the God because, the God and the God-bearing persons/saints are only for their darshans and to be only remembered constantly and served and according to this, he advised all to serve all the devotees associated with God/God-bearing saints further saying that, Guruhari Swamishree will protect us if we regularly attend the weekly religious gatherings and do our daily swadhyay, bhajans and kathavarta (spiritual talks) by keeping ourselves engaged in developing the qualities of our spiritual leaders within us as per the Vach. No. 58 of Gadh. Chap. 1st .

Then, Sri Jayeshbhai Gandhi and Sri Jayeshbhai Padaya got the video DVD titled “Athashree..... “ containing “Shreehari Agaman Suvarna Mahotsav”, the celebration of the occasion when Guruhari P.P. Swamishree came to Haridham a 50 years ago, released at the hands of Guruhari Swamishree. It also contains glimpses of the vast Society of Atmiya people/devotees created/established as a result of His constant efforts during last so many years and His present age-work.

P. Tyagvallabhswami, who conducted the sabha, appealed all the devotees present there to support the “Swachh Vadodara and Green Vadodara” campaign started by Vadodara city’s commissioner Sri Vinod Rao sir and to plant as many trees as possible and take care of them to repay the debt of our mother-soil which was accepted by all by clapping and resolving to plant the trees.

In His blessing speech, Guruhari Swamishree appealed all to develop friendliness with the saints and the volunteers had said that, one can perhaps deceive the entire world but, never the God or saints........ and, we all are doing satsang, so, to make our eyes, ears and the tongue positive, this friendliness is a must. Asking the piercing questions like, why should our eyes at all look at useless/unwanted things? Why should we spoil our mind and intellect by wasting our valuable time in watching the movies rousing our lust and anger? Why should we ignore God? He explained that, to develop fearlessness and anxiety-less-ness and the state of constant positive thoughts in the life, we must live a life with discretion as per the Vach. No. 16 & 18 of Gadh. Chapter 1st and, to achieve this, we must seek the lap some real saint.

He said that, today’s youth has gone astray from his real goal, he needs real/selfless love and proper guidance. Saying that a service to youth is a service to God Himself, He called upon all the volunteers to join in the youth activities and in establishments/spread of youth cultural centers.

Explaining that, the youths, who take faki-mavo, are addicted, eat onion-garlic and meat-mutton, see movies-cinemas can never progress on the path towards God, He advised all to give up such habits and narrating the benefits like discretion, love, dasatva and atmiyata are developed in us, our goal becomes clear and we can serve our nation, society and our family by the company with real saints, He advised the youths to develop and keep friendliness with the noble and spirited friends/company of real saints.

At the end of the sabha, all the gents had worshiped elderly saints P. Shashtriswami, P. Santswami, P. Dasswami and P. Prabodhjivanswami like worshiping Guru after which, all the devotees took meals-prasad together and then proceeded towards their destinations.

On this occasion, Dr. Shaileshbhai Trivedi, Dr. Maheshbhai Patel, Dr. Kamleshbhai Parikh, Dr. Sanjivbhai Shah and Dr. Birenbhai Chauhan who all had very cordial and special atmiyata with P.P. Swamishree and all the saints of Haridham, were honoured at the hands of P.P. Swamishree and the president of entire Atmiya Society.

In this today’s sabha, many renowned personalities from the socio-political fields from Gujarat-India like the Mayor of Vadodara city Sri Bharatbhai Dangar, Sri Bhargavbhai Bhatt (BJP’s vice president, Vadodara city), Sri Prashantbhai Patel (Congress Pres., Vadodara City), Sri Rajubhai (Sarpanch, Sokhada), Sri Rajeshbhai Jain (Pres. Jain Soc.) remained present and felt fulfilled to have the benefit of worshiping Guru and listening the sermons.

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