Hari Jayanti - 2016, AVD, Bakrol

On Date: 17 April 2016

To celebrate Lord Shri Swaminarayan’s 236th birth anniversary festival, a program of special sabha was organized for all on 17th April 2016 at Atmiya Vidya Dham, Bakrol, Anand in which, along with around 700 devotees, also the leading renowned persons from Anand-Vidyanagar had participated.

In the beginning of the sabha, the artists from the Bhajanik Group had soaked/immersed all the devotees present there in the atmosphere of devotion with a series of their sweet devotional songs. While welcoming all and informing them about the value and importance of today’s day, Shri Vinitbhai had said that, it is a most pious and auspicious day because, Lord Sri Ram came to this earth today and, even the God of Gods Lord Shri Swaminarayan also had chosen this day only, for obliging us all by coming to earth. While talking about the supremacy of Lord Sri Swaminarayan, he said that, He had simply gifted their welfare – Kalyan to all whosoever just came in His touch/contact, including even to those, who were considered to be the worst people in the society like sinful, lusty, addicted, and the outlaws by removing from them their senses of lust, anger and devilish.

Then, the students staying in Harisaurabh Hostel and from Anand-Vidyanagar had jointly presented a dialogue based on the life of Lord Swaminarayan showing as to how we can remove the senses of Hath, Maan and Irshya (obstinacy, ego and envy) from our life followed by a video presentation, the main theme of which was, to develop the qualities like the love, unity of hearts/atmiyata and the patience in the life, the satsang is a must.

Declaring the birthday of atmiya swajan of all of us, Shri Vijaybhai Mater also being today only, saint P. Guruprasadswami said that, in all, today there are 3 auspicious occasions, the birthdays of Lord Ram and of Lord Sri Swaminarayan and hence it is a trio of occasions. Explaining the need and the importance of presence/company of a real saint in our life and referring to the video presentation, he said that, the ardent desires in our life take us away from God if we don’t keep a company with the real God bearer saints.

This was followed by garlanding the portrait of Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswamiji jointly by Shri Vijaybhai, Shri Pragneshbhai Patel, Shri Dipakbhai Sathi, Shri Rohitbhai Patel (MLA, Anand), Shri Dinsha Patel and Shri Vasantbhai Patel. Sri Vijaybhai was honored by offering to him a bouquet at the hands of Shri Naginbhai Sheth and a Shawl at the hands of Shri Viththaldas Patel (President, entire satsang society).

After this, the saint leader P. Dharmakishorswami (P. Boss swami) said in his address that, we all must try to develop the qualities like those of Lord Sri Ram in our life too. We all are really the most luckiest persons because, the God of Gods, Lord Swaminarayan Himself came to this earth specially and only for all of us and, not only that, He also promised to remain always present here on this earth among us forever, as long as this universe lasts, and accordingly, He is present even today also among us through/in the form of P.P. Hariprasadswamiji and continues to work exactly like Him, the Lord Swaminarayan only, so, let us all accept the unconditional bosom/refuge of some real/God bearer saint like P.P. Swamiji. Giving several examples/incidents, he established that, the satsang only is the basis/real and the main cause of all sorts of fearlessness, doubtlessness and good/positive thoughts in our life.

In the end, all watched/saw P.P. Swamiji on video in which He emphasized on proper/positive/real use of our ears, eyes and the tongue and said that, we can’t achieve any progress at all in our life without the firm/indomitable faith/trust in God and for this and for getting His mercy, we must have real saint in our life.

In the end, all the elderly devotees jointly performed arti before Sri Thakorji. After taking the benefit of this, all took meals/prasad and proceeded to their home-temples.

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