Shakotsav Sabha - 2016, Jambusar

On Date: 07 February 2016
Activity: Festival


In Swaminarayan Sect, the God of Gods, Lord Swaminarayan had once, after the end of four months of monsoon, arranged a program of “Shakotsav” and had Himself prepared the vegetable of only the brinjals and had Himself served it to all the Paramhans, the saints and the devotees and had delighted them all very much. Since that day onwards, the devotees are celebrating this occasion and are feeling the joy of Brahmanand by totally getting immersed in the memory of God. The most remarkable speciality and the uniqueness of this vegetable prepared by Lord Shri Swaminarayan was that, it gave a different and best taste of the various specific vegetables to all, as per the choice and desire of every individual eater of it and thus, He had firmly and doubtlessly convinced all that, He and only He was the one and the only source of all the tastes in the entire universe and had thus given a highly divine spiritual experience to all His devotees.

A program of Shakotsav was organized in the vast open ground of Saraswati Vidyalaya in Jambusar of Akshar Pradesh on Sunday, the 7th Feb 2016 in the presence of regional saint leaders P. Shrijivallabhswami, and P. Haribhushanswami, the regional elder Shri Dineshbhai (Kalak), youth president Shri Makanjibhai Patel (Jambusar) and under the guidance of Shri Kiranbhai Makwana. Around 2500 youths, ladies and gents from entire Akshar Pradesh had participated in today’s sabha and had taken the benefit of Mahaprasad.

Totally a devotional atmosphere was created by the Kirtan-Mandal by presenting very sweet and touching Dhoon-Bhajans and devotional songs in the beginning of this sabha arranged on account of celebration of Shakotsava. Then, Shri Thakorji was worshiped with the garlands by the elders. This was followed by an occasional speech by the regional saint leader P. Shrijivallabhswami who first welcomed all the devotees with pure love from his heart and then explained the devotional spirit behind the celebration of this Shakotsav. 

In his speech, P. Guruprasadswami stated that, this Akshar Pradesh is so much close to and loved by P.P. Swamiji that, it is like the Kodara of His past. Swamiji used to say that, the devotees from this pradesh have given away 7 pieces of their meals to the temple, the saints and Shri Thakorji out of their 10 pieces. He guided and inspired the devotees present there to serve all, as per the themes of Vach. Nos. 28 & 41 of Central Ch. by remembering the life of devotees of this pradesh, to make our life also lucky and successful in real sense of the terms. He also prepared and made all the devotees resolute to live their life as per P.P.Swamijis desire to secure a place in His heart, by explaining the meaning of Lord Swaminarayan’s motto “Anya kshetre krutam papam, tirtha kshetre vinashyati; tirtha kshetre krutam papam, vajralepo bhavishyati”.

In the end, in his blessing speech, P. Kothari Swamiji put up on behalf of all the devotees, a prayer at the lotus feet of Lord Swaminarayan, all the Gunatit persons and Guruhari Swamiji to give them all the required understanding and the strength and enable them all to be able to attach their hearts and minds with at least 2 real saints and 4 real/proper devotees for really becoming atmiya with all and to serve them by becoming servant of their servants.

In this program of Shakotsav today, the atmiya swajan like Shri Gambhirsinh Vasava (Mamlatdar – Jambusar), Shri Sameerbhai (Corporator – Seva Sadan President – Jambusar), Dr. Deepakbhai Rathod (Shriji Hospital – Jambusar), Shri Govindbhai Patel (Trustee – Saraswati Vidyalay), Shri Manojbhai Rami (Principal – Saraswati Vidyalay) and others also remained present and took the benefit of darshans of saints, speeches and the Mahaprasad.

P. Hariprakashswami and P. Shantipriyaswami both had prepared all the meals by themselves only to exhibit their own devotion. P.B. K.D. Patel Sir, P.B. Ranchhodmama (Padara), P.B. Chiragbhai (Padara), P.B. Kiritbhai (Kaliyari), P.B. Sopanbhai Jadiya, P.B. Niranjanbhai Patel, P.B. Dahyabhai (Kaliyari) and the other youths of Jambusar Mandal had assisted the saints in their services.

The entire Sabha was masterly handled by P.B. Shaileshbhai Patel with high degree of devotion.

At the end of the sabha, all the devotees had taken their Brahmabhojan with full remembrance of Lord Swaminarayan’s Shakotsava and then had left for their destinations.

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Our Aim

O Lord ! Anyone becomes Atmiya or not, Please make me Atmiya !