Rakshabandhan Celebration - 2015, Surat

On Date: 29 August 2015
Activity: Festival
Location: Surat Locationwise



The function of Rakshabandhan, the Shravan Sud Purnima was celebrated on Saturday, the 29th Aug 2015 in Modhvanikwadi, Surat of Shrihari Pradesh in the presence of the regional saint P. Sarvamangalswami and the other saints. On this occasion, around 2000 devotees had got the Rakhadi (a protection cover) tied on their wrists by the saints and the elderly devotees.

In the beginning of the sabha, the mantra given by Lord Shri Swaminarayan was chanted for some time. Then, one of talks by Gunatitanandswami that, ”the God, Lord Shri Swaminarayan has come to this earth specially to protect our Atma” was explained by P.B. Chetanbhai Kaklotkar giving related examples.

The next speaker P.B. Bharatsinh (Saniya), explaining the value and importance of Rakshabandhan said that, the very fact that the God has kindly given us his association only is the real protection and he also said that, the swadhyay-bhajans are also equally important at the same time.

While talking about the 4 unique blessings to us by Lord Swaminarayan, P.B. Gordhanbhai Limbani said that, He has arranged for a protective shield for all of us permanently and, glorifying Guruhari P.P. SwamiShri, he said that, we have since got an Atma-oriented divine person through Him, the purification of our atma will automatically be done merely at His wish, we simply have to attach ourselves to Him and, this attachment has to be by/in our actions and not only in our feelings or the sentiments.

Then, P.B. Ishwarbhai Prajapati (Amroli), Chandrakant Sir and P.B. Sureshbhai (LIC) jointly garlanded the portraits of Shri Thakorji and Guruhari SwamiShri. The youths garlanded and welcomed all the saints present there. The children from Atmiya Vidya Mandir garlanded P. Sarvamangalswami.

Then, in order that, the maximum possible people from the general mass know about the Insurance Protection Scheme started by the Govt. of India, the institution’s volunteer Nitinbhai Patel informed the people present there about the benefits of the scheme.

In the end, while speaking, P. Sarvamangalswami said, “The god is always there to protect us every moment for 365 days but, the only condition is, we must do Bhajan/follow the instructions”. Explaining this point and the importance of weekly satsang gatherings, he gave an example of a sick youth admitted in the hospital and said that, when an another satsangi went to meet and enquire about his health, he was told by that sick person that, he had done his duty of attending the sabha by reading religious books, the bhajan and aarti sitting in the bed there only. This is the type of sincerity required in doing satsang. If we fulfill our sincerity of attending the satsang sabhas, the God is bound to protect us. We have to protect our duty of doing regular swadhay-bhajans and the suhradbhav. To take the responsibility of somebody’s fault on our head is called the protection of our own suhradbhav. Treating own self as aksharroop is protecting own suhradbhav.

In the end, he put up a prayer at the lotus feet of P.P. SwamiShri to give them all, the required strength of protecting their Suhradbhav. In the end, all proceeded to their destinations after getting tied a raksha from the saints and the elderly devotees.

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