Annakut Utsav - 2016, Berlin, Germany

On Date: 30 October 2016
Activity: Festival
Location: Germany Locationwise



The festival of Annakut was celebrated under the guidance of ideal ambrish volunteer P.B. Manibhai (Manfreid) and P.M. Suyogiben in the holy place “Haridham” in Berlin, Germany on the sacred and welfare day of Diwali, Sunday, the 30/10/2016 in which, around 150 devotees felt fulfilled by participating in annakut sabha, service and by taking mahaprasad.

To participate in this traditional festival of Indian Culture in Berlin-Germany, the devotees from Switzerland, Russia and Poland also had come. In the beginning of the sabha, the members of Kirtan Mandal had presented glorious devotional bhajans to make the entire surrounding atmosphere sacred followed by a prayer-kirtan in English befitting the German culture to nicely exhibit Atmiyata.

In his occasional speech, Manibhai talked of glory of Diwali and Annakut and stressed on the inevitability of atmiyata and the presence of saints in our life.

Speaking next, P.M. Poojaben called upon all to live life with positivity and atmiyata in the company of real and good friends to enjoy the real pleasure of life and to support this, she gave the example of 10 members of 7 totally different families coming from different countries with entirely different cultures with different natures and habits and still living harmoniously with high degree of atmiyata and giving cooperation to each other living in Haridham in Berlin with the guidance and company of bhagavadies like Manibhai and Suyogiben, with the grace of Guruhari P.P. Swamishree, and she also beautifully defined in English this year’s theme of annakut “Atmiyata” as “To see, hear and speak love”.

The youth volunteer Nirdoshbhai had translated into English the blessings on Diwali from P.P. Swamiji given by Him in Gujarati, as, “the days of Diwali and Annakut are the days to say a prayer to God, from today, may we all live with atmiyata with all by overlooking the mistakes-natures-faults of our friends, relatives and the devotees and by simply appreciating their qualities only”.

In celebration of this festival of Annakut, P.B. Pawanbhai, Atmiyabhai, Tarakbhai, Mananbhai, Divyeshbhai (Zurich), Nirajbhai (Poland), Amrutbhai, Manavbhai, Parthbhai from gents side while, P.M. Sheetalben, Shivamben, Sundaramben and Sarvadeshiben from ladies side had rendered their services on account of their atmiyata. In this festival, all the gents, ladies and small children of Berlin Mandal had collectively offered more than 180 food items to Thakorjee to present their excellent services-devotion.

The candidate for the post of Mayor for Clainmacnoun Dr. Uda Bastains, who had also specially come to participate in this festival of annakut, was highly impressed by the devotional atmosphere in Haridham and by seeing the atmiyata among all the devotees there.

The management of entire sabha was looked after by P.B. Manibhai while, the total decoration was beautifully done by P.M. Smitben and P.M. Nishthaben.

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