Annakut Utsav - 2015, Auckland, NZ

On Date: 13 November 2015
Activity: Festival

Around 650 devotees from Auckland, New Zealand celebrated the Annakut Festival with a full spirit of devotion and expressed their devotion towards Shri Thakorji on 13th November 2015 in the Mahatma Gandhi Center, Auckland in the presence of the regional saint leader P. Shashwatswami.

In the beginning of the sabha, all the participants were deeply dipped in the kirtan-bhakti full of touching devotion presented by P.B. Ashokbhai Rohit, New Zealand and the members of Swar-Milap Group coming from Navsari-Bardoli, India.

Then, the regional saint leader of Bhagatji Pradesh, P. Suchetanswami said in his address while explaining the aim/purpose of Lord Swaminarayan’s coming to this earth that, during the difficult and the miserable times of our life, if we seek/take the shelter/help/blessing of God, we can develop/create a real Diwali in our life and, to do this it is necessary/inevitable to have the shelter of a real/present saint.

While explaining the real importance/glory of such festivals in our life, the secretary P. Ashokbhai said that, Guruhari P.P. Swamishri is working constantly hard even at His such an old age of 82 years today to develop and establish the real atmiyata and the real culture in our families by giving the related examples.

Then, regional saint leader of Nirgun Pradesh, P. Sarvatitswami explained in his speech that, the God will give us all the happiness that we desire and will bind Himself to protect/guard us if we totally surrender our heart, mind and intellect at the lotus feet of pure/real saint/the totally a God bearer saint like P.P. Swamishri and always protect us in every situation as the eye lids are protecting our eyes.

Then, the regional saint leader of New Zealand, P. Shashwatswami said in his speech that, the real Diwali means, a permanent state of real pleasure and happiness and, to develop such a state in our life/at our heart, we should present our prayer with the real repentance at the lotus feet of a God bearer saint and added that, He invariably/surely always listens to such of our prayers.

While thanking all the devotees to attend this function, the president of New Zealand Mandal, P.B. Mohan uncle talked about the Youth Activities conducted/guided by P.P. Swamishri in his light speech.

After the sabha, all the devotees presented before Shri Thakorji an Annakut of nearly 670 items of variety of foods by singing the songs of Thaal. The men and the women of entire Auckland Mandal had worked without looking at day or night in preparation of this Annakut while, the girls and the boys of the mandal had devoted their full and valuable services in the decoration.

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