GuruPoornima - 2015, Rajkot

On Date: 31 July 2015
Activity: Festival

The festival of Gurupoornima was celebrated with fervor devotion at Yogidham Gurukul, Rajkot on Friday, the 31st July 2015 in the evening between 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm in the presence of regional saint leaders P. Sarvatitswami, P. Gungrahakswami and the regional elderly devotees where, around 5500 devotees from Rajkot and the surrounding villages were present to take advantage of the Sabha, Pujan and the Mahaprasad.

The sabha was started with chanting of the Welcome Slokas and presenting devotional songs followed by the worship of Shri Thakorji and of the saints with garlands.

In his occasional speech, P. Gungrahakswami narrated various incidents showing glory of Guru and his importance/requirement in the life of a sadhak.

Then, P. Sarvatitswami explained in detail in his speech as to what type of faith/nishtha beyond his mind and intellect a sadhak should have on his Guru in his life, what should be done to make this faith firm/solid and what kind of a nishtha/faith P.P. Swamiji is expecting from the Sadhaks.

Then everybody watched a video presentation of P.P. Swamiji’s blessings to all the devotees on this occasion of Gurupoornima sent by Him from the foreign land which made every devotee feel satisfied and fulfilled and the pujan of saints by them added to their happiness.

P.B. Prerakbhai Vaidya had looked after the entire arrangements and the management of the sabha with full devotion while the elders, the volunteers and the youths also had contributed their share in all the services during the sabha.

The respected personalities like Dr. Shri Vallabhbhai Kathiriya (President, Gujarat Gau Seva Corp.), Shri Ramjibhai Mavani (Ex. MLA), Smt. Ramaben Mavani (Ex. MLA), Shri Dhansukhbhai Vora (President, Rajkot Greater Chamber of Commerce), Shri Bharatbhai Doshi (Well known Industrialist), Shri Vimalbhai Dhami (Sr. Journalist) also attended the festival to present their Gurubhakti.

After the sabha, everybody took Mahaprasad and proceeded to his destination.


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