Bhakti Yatra (Bike-Car Rally)

On Date: 01 January 2014

In order that P.P. Swamiji’s dream of creating a society of youths with pious, filed with good character and idealistic goals is established / created and that harmony prevails in every family and that the devout people of Dhansura, Modasa and Bayad villages participated in this goal,a bike – car rally was arranged at 10  a.m. under the guidance of P. Pranesh Swami and P. Suchetan Swami in which youths from Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Dhansura, Bayad, Ranajitpura and surrounding villages participated.

The rally got started off at the waving of flag with Jay Ghosh by P. Premswaroop Swami, P. Aanadswaroop Swami and Atmiya Kinsmen like Shri Sudhirbhai Patel (Dept. Dist. President - BJP), Shri Maheshbhai (Sarpanch Demoi), Dr. Vashubhai, Shri Ashkobhai  and others.

The rally started from Bayad and travelled the distance of about 60 km passing through Dhansura and Modasa and finished at the ground of function place where it was welcomed by all the attendance.

The rally consisted of around 225 bike riders and about 51 cars which was welcomed by devout spectators at many places during its journey while passing through Bayad and Dhansura. Even the Muslim citizens and children from school rushed to the street and bowed before the rally  and expressed their devotion and respect towards the rally. While in Modasa, it was welcomed by Dr. Arunbhai Shah (president of Education Mandal ), Shri Subhashbhai (Minister Education Mandal), Shri S.R. Patel (president Municipality) as well as Kalpeshbhai, Shaileshbhai, Nitinbhai etc. And Dr. Vasubhai also remained present during the Rally.

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