Rakshabandhan Celebration-2014, Surat

On Date: 10 August 2014
Activity: Festival
Location: Surat Locationwise

       This year, the festival of Rakshabandhan, Shravan Sud Purnima was celebrated on Sunday, the 10th , Aug 2014 in Suratee Modhvanik Wadi, Lal Darwaja by around 1500 devotees of Shri Hari Pradesh, Surat.

    Today, all the devotees seemed to be full of entirely different enthusiasm, devotion and fervor. The sabha started with Kirtanbhakti followed by worship of Thakorjee and the saints present with garlands and chanting of Mantras. Matching with the festival of Rakshabandhan, P.Sarvamangalswami narrated several excellent examples/incidents in which, P.P.Swamiji had protected the devotees through their body, mind and soul. He explained with reference to Vachanamrut Madhya 13 that, “Nirdoshbuddhi” means total doubtlessness or total indomitable immoveable faith and, advised all to live with Atmiyata and Suhradbhav in homes and in mandals. He very clearly explained that, the self-duty, straightforwardness/frankness and naturalness are the basic requirements for materializing Suhradbhav (unity of hearts) in our life.

    In the end of the sabha, all the devotees got blessings from saints and elders while they tied rakshas on their wrists.

   Before dispersing, everybody put his prayer at the lotus feet of Thakorjee and those of saints for protection against organs and heart/mind constantly and permanently.

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