Annakut Utsav - 2016, Toronto, Canada

On Date: 15 October 2016
Activity: Festival
Location: Canada Locationwise

On the sacred and welfare day of Sharadpurnima, Saturday, the 15th October 2016, the festival of Annakut was celebrated in Haridham Temple in Canada in the presence of saints P. Premswaroopswami and P. Sunrutswami and, at the same time, the birthday of A.M.A.M. Gunatitanandswami as well as the bhagwati initiation day of Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswami was also celebrated there only on the same day in which, around 1200 devotees from Toronto and its surrounding areas had participated joyfully.

This year, the theme of annakut was kept “Gunatit Garden” and accordingly, Lord Swaminarayan, Gunatitanandswami, Swami Shree Shashtriji Maharaj, Swami Shree Yogiji Maharaj and Guruhari Swamishree were placed in 3 big swings fully decorated with flowers while, all the deries of the temple were decorated with the craftworks of flowers to give them the look of beautiful gardens in which, on the petals of every flower, Swamishree’s favourite motto “Das na Das” was written very beautifully !. A very big rotating artificial lotus flower kept in the center of the annakut was the main attraction of entire decoration in the center of which, on account of Sharadpurnima’s day today, a picture was created which showed Gunatitanandswami playing ras (circular dance) with the group of other saints. On the other side, the rare pictures of Swamishree’s initiation process were also put symbolically which were showing the glory of this welfare day. Presenting their excellent devotion, the ladies group from the mandal had prepared nearly 850 different food items to offer to Shree Thakorjee which gave the entire deri of Haridham Temple a look of big dish/thal of eatables.

While speaking on this occasion, P.B. Satyambhai explained the cultural importance of Annakut in Indian Gujarati Society and said that, this is the best opportunity to present/offer to God whatever we have got and, narrating the incidents of Gunatitanandswamiji, he informed the secret behind His advising all of us to celebrate Annakut on the day of Sharadpurnima only.

Describing the glory of Sharadpurnima, P.B. Jayantibhai said that, showering His lot of mercy on the total mankind in the history of entire Aksharpurushottam Worship , Lord Swaminarayan gave initiation to Gunatitanadswami today and described him as His own real and original abode, the “Akshardham”.

In his occasional speech P. Premswaroopswami said that, everybody, whosoever has come here today, is really most fortunate one as, he is participating in 3 very big festivals together. Frequently, Swamishree tells us that, Sharadpurnima is our own birthday, meaning, we all, ourselves are Aksharbrahma ! and, we can understand this statement only when persons like Him resolve to look at us and bless us. In the end of his address, putting a prayer at the lotus feet of Thakorjee he requested Him to accept the foods presented before Him and, as an eructation of it, please give us the friendliness and nirdoshbuddhi because, due to number of our different feelings and notions, our relation is broken.

In the end, all the devotees and the guests performed arti before Shree Thakorjee, took the Prasad and left for their destinations remembering the festival.

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