Samooh MahaPooja - 2015, Gandhinagar

On Date: 06 August 2015




A program of samuh mahapuja was organized, as per the instruction from the regional saint leader P. Brahmavihariswami between 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Thursday, the 6th Aug 2015 at 32, Navkar Bunglow, Kudasan in Ganghinagar Division of Suharad Pradesh in the presence of P. Viraljivanswami and P. Sadhupriyaswami, so that the spirit of atmiyata is developed and increased in the local mandals and as a result of which, all the devotees become totally happy by all means. 150 devotees, ladies and gents, had participated in this Mahapuja.

By placing Sri Thakorji, all the Gunatit Swaroops, Guruhari P.P. Swamiji and the devotees group by calling them and sitting them on the main place, P. Viraljivanswami performed their full worship with vedokta procedure. Along with him, Sri Maharshibhai also worshiped Sri Thakorji. In addition to this main place, on 40 other places, 50 devotees also performed full worship of Sri Thakorji and offered their devotion.

In the mahapuja, P. Viralswami put up a prayer at the lotus feet of Sri Thakorji on behalf of all the devotees (the brothers and the sisters) that, their children do their studies well and become the masters of their studies, the atmiyata to increase in their families, all be happy physically, mentally and spiritually and their nishtha (faith) goes on increasing day by day.

Around 150 devotees had participated in this mahapuja.


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