Samooh MahaPooja - 2015, Gorwa

On Date: 13 September 2015
Activity: Cultural Care



With a prayer that the spirit of Atmiyata is developed among the members of mandal and all the devotees be happy from all the angles, a mahapooja was organized on account of holy Shravan month in the presence of regional saint from Bhagatji Pradesh P. Praneshswami on Sunday, the 13th September 2015 between 6.30 & 8.30 pm in the evening in C.K. Prajapati School in Gorwa area of Vadodara in which, 400 devotees had participated.

The hall was decorated on the theme of “God-Sun”. Along with P. Praneshswami, Sri Bansibhai Thakkar (Leading Shroff and Mg. Trustee, Jalaram Temple, Bajava), P. Ambrishbhai Thakkar (Vice Pres., F.M.C.G. Dealer Ass., Vadodara City), Sri Chetanbhai Patel and Sri Dhavalbhai Patel, all had collectively worshiped Shree Thakorjee, with a prayer for blessings, with shodshopchar on the main dais while on the other 101 places, 101 devotees had worshiped Shree Thakorjee where, nearly 300 ladies and gents were also present in the mahapooja for its darshans.

During this mahapooja, P. Praneshswami had put up a very beautiful hearty prayer at the lotus feet of Shree Thakorjee for the success of students in their studies, for the development of atmiyata in the families and so that, all the devotees be happy by health, wealth and mind and their faith increases day by day.

As per the instructions from P. Suchetanswami and guidance from the elderly devotees of the mandal, the volunteers, youths and the ladies from the mandal had contributed their best services with zeal and enthusiasm in the entire arrangements of this mahapooja. On this occasion, the renowned citizens like Sri N.V. Patel Sir (CM, Narmada Nigam), Sri Ashokbhai Pandya (Chief Sec., BJP), Sri Sandipbhai Bhatt (Ex Corp., BJP), Sri Dalsukhbhai Prajapati (Ex Mayor, Leading Builder), Sri Arvindbhai Thakkar, Sri Vishnubhai Prajapati (Trustee, C.K. Prajapati Ed. Trust), Sri Dharmendrabhai Thakkar (Ex Pres., Lohana Seva Mandal, Vadodara) and Sri Dhavalbhai Purohit (Manager, Shahanai Party Plot, Grand Gayatri Hall) and the elderly leaders from different mandals from Vadodara also remained present on account of their atmiyata with the saints of Haridham Temple.

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