Shilaropan Vidhi - Sanskar Kendra, Machhivad

On Date: 29 March 2016



The foundation stone laying ceremony for the construction of “Atmiya Sanskar Dham” by Shrihari Ashram, Haridham, Sokhada was done at the hands of elderly saints from Haridham at the small village Machhivad in Jalalpore Tal. of Navasari Dist. on Tuesday, the 29th March 2015 in which, around 1500 ladies, gents and youths were present.

The devotees from Machhivad village of Sunrut Pradesh are associated with/attached to Guruhari P.P. Swamishri since last so many years with full Nshtha (faith) and love and are doing excellent services to the satsang society physically, mentally and monetarily. Having left/renounced all their family/homely and the worldly relations, the two lovely sons of this small village have taken Diksha and are living their life as P. Chintanswami and P. Sahajswami on the sacred soil of Haridham, providing most valuable inspiration to thousands of other youths.

The constant/regular/periodical contacts and care of this entire small village by its regional saint leaders P. Sarvamangalswami and P. Premswaroopswami, a society of faithful devotees living their life absolutely and totally as per the desire and approval of God/Swamiji is created here. In order to give a real and concrete shape to their devotion, Guruhari P.P. Swamishri accepted their request/prayer and permitted to construct this Sanskar Dham here as a result of which, the foundation stone laying process of it was done here today.

Before laying this foundation stone, all the saints and the elderly devotees had collectively done Shodshopchar Pujan of Shri Thakorji and Guruhari P.P. Swamishri through the medium of Mahapuja in which, P. Swamiswaroopswami and P. Subodhswami had put up a request/prayer at the lotus feet of Thakorji to bless so that the work of constructing the Sanskar Dham is completed without any hitch or trouble or the obstruction and the youths here are inspired to live their life on a real and devotional path and, at the same time, the pujan of the bricks to be laid in the foundation was also done. Along with the saints, Shri Dineshbhai Patel (Navasari Zilla Panchayat President), Shri Vijaybhai Tandel (Machhivad Sirpanch), Shri Dalpatbhai Tandel (Social Worker), P.B. J.B. Solanki, P.B. Navanitbhai (Sachin), P.B. Rajubhai (Civil), Sri Prakashbhai (Umbar), P.B. Dr. Rajubhai, P.B. Yogeshbhai (Gabheni), P.B. Sharadbhai (Budhiaya), P.B. Keshavbhagat, P.B. Devubhai, P.B. Pradipbhai and 30 other devotees/mukto also participated in the Mahapuja.

While praising/appreciating/admiring the devotion of all the local devotees here, P. Premswami and P. Sarvamangalswami, addressing the audience present, explained the wish of P.P. Swamiji to create such sanskar kendras in every Pradesh and explained the spirit behind it and the importance of the same for the all-round spread/progress/diversification of satsang.

Then, laying the foundation stone was done at the hands of P. Shashtriswamiji followed by participating in the process by P. Premswaroopswami, P. Santvallabhswami, P. Dasswami, P. Sarvamangalswami, P. Prabodhswami, P. Brahmavihariswami and other saints present, the Ambrish, devotees, youths and in the end, all the ladies from that Pradesh turn by turn took part in the process with great enthusiasm under the leadership of P. Sarveshwarben. The devotees, youths and the ladies from Sunrut Pradesh and the surrounding villages also assisted in this service/seva and took Mahaprasad before leaving.

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Our Aim

O Lord ! Anyone becomes Atmiya or not, Please make me Atmiya !